Tenders for Machine Tools

Tenders and Leads Archive
Purchase Tools For Integrity
5Y Purchase Agreement for the Supply of Hand Tools Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tools
Mechanical Seals for Different Pumps
Supply of Bearings
Supply and Repairing of Parts of Blow Molding Machines
Procurement of Bearings
Drum Making Plant Spares
Up to Date Apparatus for Determine Trace Oxygenate Hydrocarbons
Supply of Bearings
Supply of Bearings
Centralized Procurement of Bearings
Provision of Thermal Fogger for HSSE
Supply, Installation & Fabrication of Chilled Water Circulation System
Supply and Installation of Chiller Water Flow Regulators
Wax Molding Unit
Fabrication and Supply of Blow Molding Machine Parts
Provision of CPF Insulated Vessels and Pipelines CMLs Making
Up-Gradation of Techne Blow Molding Machine System 15000 SN
Cap/Seal Assembling Machine
Fabrication of Granulator/Crusher Blades at LMT
Spare Parts for Blow Moulding Machine
Spare Parts for Blow Moulding Machine
Provision of Tool Machinery & Fabrication Services
Below Pins for Below Molding Machine System
Provision of High-End Echocardiograhy Machine
Supply of Parts for Blow Molding Machines and Molds
Supply and Installation of Radiator Core Assembly
Supply of Spares Parts of Labelling Machines
Provision of Rotating Equipment Technician Services
Bids for Asbestos Cement Sheets
Bids for Manila Ropes
Repair/Replacement of 5 Nos Rolling shutter
Supply of Expanded Metal Sheet
Supply of Sling Lines / Bull Lines Bright
Supply of Rope, Wire, Improved Plow Steel
Supply of TMT Steel Bar
Supply of Silver Salver with Stand (Oval Shaped)
Supply of Misc. Wire ,Rope, Chain Materials
Modification of Existing Jingle Wire Fencing
Supply of Wire Ropes
Supply of Wire Ropes / Lines
Bids for Rate Contract of Bearings
Bids for TMT Steel Bar
Bids for M.S.Plate
Bids for CGI Sheet
Providing Machining Services
Supply of Single Leg Rope Sling with Soft Eye
Supply of MS Eye Bolts & Nuts
Supply of Stainless Steel Metal Plate
Supply of Hydrulic Shop Press
Bar Shaft Stainless Steel Material
Supply of Roller Chain
Supply of Measuring Head Assembly
Supply of Stud Bolt
Supply of Bolts and Nuts
Bolt Torqueing & Flange Facing Services
Maintenance and Repair of Photocopy Machines
Shaft Stainless Steel Threaded End
Supplying of Mechanical Tools
Supply of Bolt Stud
Supplying of Bearing
Supplying of Controller and Rotary
Supplying of Bearings
Supply of Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Supplying of Mechnical Seal
Supply of Water Blasting Machine
Hydraulic Plate Punching Machine
Different Machines and Equipment
Provision of Fabrication Services
Provision of Machining Services
Spare Parts for Balancing Machine
Parts for "Furukawa" Raw Salt Conveyor
Supply of Tools & Bearing
Supply of T-Max, Twin-Lock
Sale of Various Scrap
Supply of 1.5 Meter Horizontal Lathe Machine
Supply of Flange Facing Machines
Supply of Hydraulic Metal Baling Press
Supply of Four Horizontal Boring Machine
Spare Parts For Pump
Purchase Parts for Halliburton Retainer Case
Purchase Parts for National Torque Converter
Portable Lapping and Grinding Valves with Spares
Gulf Oil and Gas
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