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Tenders for Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)

EPIC for Replacement of Produced Water Flash Drum
Dead Line: 7/14/2019 >>  Qatar
Ref: GT19104700, Announcement Date: 5/26/2019

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of EPCC of Existing Field Surface Facility (FSF) Upgrading
Provision of Open Shed in HSE Yard and Fencing
EPIC of Compression Module(s) project
Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Supply of Modular Air and Nitrogen Package
Provision of Design, Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction
Turnkey Job for LPG Vessel (Bullets)
EPIC for New Cooling Water System for NGL 1, 3 & 4
EPIC for Upgrade of ABB Dcs System
EPIC for Upgrade of Fire Water System at KNDS MISC Works
Provision of EPCC For CPF1 Upgrade
EPIC for Dukhan Produced Water Transfer Pumps
Provision of EPCC of Water Injection Booster Stations
Provision of EPCC of Distribution Valve Groups in Wibss
Provision of EPCC for Base Camp Sewage
EPCC of 06 nos. Steel Storage Tanks
EPCC of 11 nos. Steel Storage Tanks
EPCC of 05 nos. Steel Storage Tanks
EPIC for Various Pipeline PCRs
Supply and Erection for Conventional (66/6.6) K.V Outdoor Substation
EPC Works for Installation of Vapor Recovery System
Provision of Implement Fuel Filling Station EPCC Project
Provision of EPCC for Pilot Gas Lifting System Expansion Project
EPC Water Network for Villages
EPIC for Closure of Old Landfill Facility in Mesaieed
EPIC for Insulation of Gas Lift Network
EPIC of Slope Protection and Drainage System
Provision of EPCC
EPCC of Water Injection
EPIC for Deaerator, Propane Truck Loading & Flare Ko Drum
EPIC for Replacement of Fire Water Network
EPCC for Degassing Station Upgrading
EPCC for Degassing Station Upgrading AGS1&FQS
EPIC for Mechanical Pcrs
EPC of Three (3) MW Solar Power Plant
EPCC for Water Pipeline Project
EPCC for Water Injection Stations
EPC to Construct Car Parking Sheds
EPIC of Lifting Facility System
Provision of Implement Fuel Filling Station EPCC Project
EPIC for Upgrade of NIR Analyzers
Provision of EPCC for WS1 Water Intake Platform
EPIC for Mesaieed Main and Satellite Fire & Rescue Station
Procurement, Testing, Installation & Commissioning of Hydraulic Road Blocker
Provision of Design, Engineering, Procurement, Installation and construction
Procurement of Items for Fixed Facilities, Servicers and Refuellors
EPC Services
EPIC of Potable Water Supply P/L
EPC for 3 Combined Civil Projects
EPIC for Replacement of MM5 Protection Relays & CMAC System
EPC of Ibot Wellhead Platform Project
Provision of EPCC for Existing Pilot Gas Lifting System Expansion
EPIC of Miscellaneous Instrumentation PCRS
EPC for Water Plant Train II
Provision of EPCC of Water Injection Boosting Station Upgrade
Provision of EPC Water Network for Villages
Provision of EPCC for Early Tie-In Sustaining Production 250kbopd
EPIC for Impervious Stormwater Drainage
EPIC for Upgrade of Port Control Tower & Systems
Design Validation of EPCC Contract
EPCI Contract for Instrumentation Control & Safety System
EPIC for Production Facilities Upgrade & Tie-Ins
Provision of EPCC of Peripheral System
EPIC of SCADA Network Infrastructure Upgrade
Provision of Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction
Provision of EPC
Purchase of 3000m3 Water Treatment Skid (EPC)
EPIC for Provision of Kahramaa Power
EPCC Prequalification for QG1 Waste Heat Recovery (HRSG) Project
EPCC of Solar Power Project
EPIC for Upgrade of Electrical Distribution Management System
Provision of EPCC Project for 15 Wells
Provision of National Grid Power Supply Project II
EPIC of Slope Protection and Drainage System
EPIC of Potable Water Supply Pipelines
PCC of Wellpads Facilities
Provision of PCC of Wellpads Facilities
Provision of EPC
Provision of EPCC
EPIC of Lifting Facility System
Provision of PCC for Field Surface Facilities
EPIC for Replacement of Motor Starter Panels
EPCC of Peripheral System for Rental Power Plant
EPCC of Fixed Firefighting System
EEPIC for Replacement of Tank Gauging Radar Level Transmitters
Provision of EPC Water Network
EPIC of Fencing for Wellheads & Barricades
EPIC of Miscellaneous Mechanical Pcrs
EPIC of Concrete Barrier
Procurement of 03 Nos. 10000 USG Refueller
Proposal for Turnkey Automation Solutions
EPIC for Shelter in Place (SIP) Building
EPIC for Upgrade of PS-2 &PS-3 Yokogawa Dcs System
EPIC for Hazardous Waste Treatment Centre
EPIC of Crude Oil Custody Transfer Metering Improvement Project
EPIC for Upgrading of Existing Fire Water Lagoons
EPIC for Upgrade of Fire & Gas Detection System
CIPS Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations
Procurement of Material, Required for Isolation of Tanks
Procurement of Sampling Containers
EPCC for Standby Air Drying System & Associated Facility
Contracting and Procurement Support Operations Services
EPIC for 11 Non-Shutdown PCRs at NGL Plants
Supply, Delivery and Installation of a Point of Sales (POS)
Provision of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services
Provision of FSF EPCC Project for 14 Wells Project
EPIC for Provision of Irrigation Water
EPIC for Replacement of Crude Oil Transfer Lines
EPIC for Miscellaneous Instrumentation
EPCC Service for 33 KV OHTL and Power Connection
EPCC for Infrastructure Development and Rehabilitation
EPCC for Fire Water Hydrant Modification
Provision of EPCC for Additional Wells
EPCC for Infrastructure Development and Rehabilitation of Product Steel Storage Tanks
Procurement of 01 No. Aircraft Refuelling Trestle
EPCC Project for Oil Fields Power System
EPC for Water Discharging Pond
EPICC for QG1, QG2 and QG3&4 Wastewater Recycle
Provision of EPC Service of Patrol Road Upgrade Project
EPIC of Workshop Modification
EPCC Contract for Service CDU Revamp during MAFTA 2017
EPIC of Miscellaneous Civil Works
EPIC of Access Platforms & Other Miscellaneous Works
EPIC for Road Modification at JDGS in Dukhan Fields
Provision of EPCC Service for 200 Kbopd Production Improvement
Provision of FSF EPCC Project for 16 Wells Project
Provision of FSF EPCC Project for 59 Wells Project
Lump Sum for SAP xECM Solution Infrastructure Requirements
Lump-sum Contract for Supply of Service (Digital Signage)
EPCC for PP C3 Treater
Lump Sum Contract; Inspection & Maintenance of Power Transformers & OLTC
Relays Testing & Calibration for Aromatics Plant Turnaroun
Provision of FSO Unity Permanent Fuel Transfer System
Construction of Extension of Well Gathering System
EPIC for Upgrading 500 KVA Emergency DG Set
EPSTI of Offshore Water Treatment Package & Separation Units
Procurement of Metal Seals for PSO Depots & Installations
Procurement of Sealing Wire for PSO Depots & Installations
Provision of EPCC of Field Surface Facilities Project
Lump-sum Contract for Ceramic Coating of Heater Radiant Tubes and Refractory
Provision of EPCC for Water Injection Flowlines Stage 1
EPCC for Flare Gas Recovery Unit
EPCI of Effluent Treatment Plant
EPC for Simultaneous Transfer System
EPIC for Upgradation of PCs, ESD & Fire & Gas Systems
Provision of EPCC for CPF2 Water Treatment Skid
EPIC for Provision of Kahramaa Power at Gas Distrubution Station 'Sr-2'
Provision of EPCC for Water Injection Trunk lines Stage 1
Provision of EPCC for CPF1 Water Injection Station
EPCC for Water Injection Boosting Stations & Wellhead Facilities Stage 1
Brownfield Maintenance Engineering Services Contract
EPIC of NGL Instrument PCRS
EPC for Provision of Pre-Fabricated Office Buildings
EPIC of Additional Helipads
EPC for Gbaran Nodal Compression Project
Improvement of Chemical Storage Facilities
EPCC for DHDS Debottlenecking Project
EPIC of Access Platforms
Prequalification Enquiry for EPC Services for Waste Management Facility Project
EPC Contract for AL Khor Environmental Park
EPCC for Piping Interconnection
EPIC Gas Recycling Plant Modification
EPIC for Implementation of Instrumentation PCRs
EPIC Of GRP Workshop Modification
Engineering, Procurements, Construction (EPC) Contractors
Engineering, Procurements, Construction-EPC Contractors
Construction of an Aviation Fuel Depot
Provision of Led Display Board
EPIC of Irrigation & Landscaping Works
EPIC for New Port Control Tower
EPC of AL KHOR Environmental Park
EPIC for Metallurgical Laboratory Building
EPC Contract for New Refinery
EPIC for Mechanical PCRs
EPFT Contract of Dismantling of Existing Units
EPC, Testing and Commissioning of Oil Pipeline
EPIC for 11KV Network System Upgrade
Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Basrah Utility
EPC of Utility Unit
Contractors for EPC of Gas Pipeline
Procurement of Long Lead Items for Development of Refinery Project
Development of Refinery Project
EPIC Feed Stream Integration of Fiscal Metering
EPCIC Works to Build External Areas Upgrade in Admin
Environmental Fuel Project
Khuff Gas to Arab D Gas Cap Injection
EPIC for Automation Upgrade
EPIC-Mitigation of Burnpits
Construction of New Office Buildings
Construction of Dormitory Buildings
EPIC of Security Building
EPIC of Composting Plant
New Sports Facility
Pre-Qualification for EPSCC Contract
Switchboards Upgrade / Retrofit
Detailed Engineering and Material Supply
EPIC for Upgrading the Instrument Air System
EPIC for CSF Control Room Shifting
Construction and Upgrading of Roads Network
Provision of General Engineering Service
Design, Procurement and Construction
Construction of Workshop Offices
EPIC of Washing Areas for Equipment
New 11KV, 12MW A-50 Substation
New Well Surveillance Offices Construction
Construction of New Maintenance Workshop
Construct an Administrative Building
EPC Tender to Route a Line
Pressure Maintenance Project
FEED for Produced Water Utilization
EPC for Alternate Routing to OPP Purge Gas
EPC for Propylene Homogenization
Diesel Hydrotreater Unit
Engineering Study for Development
Raw Sewage Transfer Network
Construction of New Lined Common Pit
Engineering Design Services
Security System Enhancement
Pre-Qualification for EPSCC Contract
Gas and NGL Export Facilities
Mechanical Plant Change Requests
EPIC for Upgrade of Turbine Controls
EPIC for Instrumentation PCRS
Oil Storage & Filling Station
Plant Change Requests Implementation
EPIC of Mesaieed Tanks
Supply, Installation & Maintenance
Pipeline and Fiscal Metering Station
Oil Gathering Facilities Pre-Qualification
Production Facilities Pre-Qualification
EPC of Control System Replacement
EPC Of Gas Supply
Replacement of Desalters Heaters
Recycle Compressor Upgrade
Gas Fiscal Metering Station
Mercury Removal Unit
Main Intake New Elevated Substation
Complete Cooling Water System 10000 M3/HR
EPCI of The Topside of Hengam Field
New Chimneys Design, Fabrication and Installation
EPC Contract for Al Jurf Phase 2
EPD Tender in Reshadat Field
Execute Works for Al Jurf Phase 2 Project
Updating of Piping and ID's, PFD's, SLD's & Loop Sheets Dukhan Field

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