Tenders for Drilling

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision Offshore Drilling Services to Drill Eight Wells in Structure A Block NC41
Provision Offshore Drilling Services to Drill Twenty Three (23) Wells
ESP Associated Equipment Lease Service
Provision of Services for Real Time Drilling Optimization
Drilling and Boring of 4 Nos of Tube Wells
Provision of Liner Hanger Equipment and Running Services
Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Shallow/ Deep Well
Radial Drilling in 07 Wells of Assam Asset
Hiring of Shale Fracturing Services
Tie-in of New Drilled Well A5 (Libba Station)
Hiring of Under Reamer Services
Provision of Drilling and Workover Unit
Provision of Drilling & Rig Waste Collection, Handling
Drilling and Development of Tube Well
Drilling and Development of Tube Well
Drilling of Water Well Near the Gas Well FF03R-6
Provision of Perforation Services at Erawin Field (NC200)
Assy Dead Line Anchor
Stabilizers (Drilling)
Tie-in of New Drilled ESP Well A4
Configure Land with Concrete Base of the Drilling Rig OW23
Drilling Supervisor Service
Provision of Drilling Pad Well Cells Positioning Services
Supply of Steam Ejector
Drilling and Completion Services for 10 Production Wells
Wireline Mast for Drilling Operation
Drilling (2) Horizontal Wells In Middle Area Oil Fields
Wireline General & Fishing Tools for Drilling Operation
Drilling (2) Horizontal Wells in Middle Area Oil Fields
Drilling Project & Packaging Waste
Power Incoming Connection to 40 ESP Well Site
Provision of Riser Section Drilling Fluids Services
Riserless Section Drilling Fluids Services
Provision of Drilling Techinical Support and Service
Drilling (2) Horizontal Wells in Middle Are Oil Fields
Supply of Linseed Oil
Supply of Drilling Detergent
Industrial & RO Water to the Drilling & Reclamation Operating Devices
Wells Drilling
Drilling of Shallow Stratigraphic Wells
Provision of Land Transportation for Exploration Wells
Provision of Drilling Onshore Operations
Drilling of Six Producing Wells
Drilling Rig Services
Exploration/Development Drilling Rig Services
Supply of Drilling Line
Drilling Production
Drilling Production
Provision of Fishing Services Contract
P/F Aker Maritime
Supply of Drilling Line
Provision of Drilling Services
Drilling Water Wells
Drilling of Boreholes
Drilling Fluid Products and Associated Services
Water Well and Drilling Services
Drill Bits and Associated Services
Directional Drilling and Associated Services
Integrated Drilling Services
Drilling-Related Services
Water Well Drilling services
Drilling Services
Air Drilling Services
Land Drilling Rig Services
A Water Well and Conductor Hole Drilling in Libya
Gulf Oil and Gas
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