Tenders for Computers & Services

Tenders and Leads Archive
Supply of Computer Peripherals and Buyback of Used Peripherals on Call off Agreement Basis
Five (05) Years LTPA for Supply of Dell Laptops, PCs, Monitors and Accessories
Supply of Laptops for Incident Response
Supply of Workstations, Laptops and Leds
Supply of Dell Laptops, PC's, Monitors and Accessories
Price of Agreement for Purchase of IT Equipment -2021
Sale and Removal of Workstations Computers, Laptops, LCD Displays
Sale & Removal of Desktop Computers, Printers, Power Supply and MISC. IT Hardware
Stocking & Supply of Computer Peripherals
Supply of Laptops
Procurement of Workstation PCs
Supply of PCs and Monitor
Supply Spare Parts for Maintenance Department
Service Level Agreement of PDMS Hardware
Supply of Dell Latitude Laptops and Accessories or equivalent
Procurement and Installation of Latest Field Mounted Flow Computer
Sale & Removal of Flow Computer, Field Input/ Output Modules
Language and IT Lab & Video Conferences Equipment
Supply of Laptops, PCs and Monitors
Revamping of Server Room and Creation of Data Center
Automation Upgrade at LBV Stations in Dukhan Fields
Procurement of Workstation Computer
Obsolete Computer, LCD, Printer, Scanner, UPS
Sale & Removal of Battery Charges, LCD Computer Screens
Procurement of Laptop
Stocking & Supply of Computer Peripherals on Call-Off Basis
Stocking & Supply of Notebook Computers
Supply of Laptops, PCs and Monitors
Purchase of Desktop PCs
Materials for New CCR Offices
Replacement of Apple Laptop LCD
Stocking & Supply of Desktop Computers
Purchase of EMC Data Domain Backup Solution
Procurement of MAC pro Book Laptop
Supplying of Laptop and Its Accessories
Sale & Removal of Dell Pc's
Procurement of MAC pro Laptop
Supply of Desktop and Laptop Computers
Supply and Installation of Enterprise Class Storage Array
Procurement of Desktop Computers
Material Purchase of Laptop, Hard Drive, Memory Stick, and Monitor
Provision of Laptop
Industrial Computer
Purchase of Dell EMC VNX Storage
Provision of Servers Update
Procurement of Desktop Computers
Sale & Removal of Laptops, Printers, Docking Stations
Provision of Laptop, Hard Disk & Mail Server Software
Supply of Printed Computer Stationery
Desktop Computer & Laptop Computer
Personnel Service for IT Construction
Stocking & Supply of Desktop Computers
Helpdesk Services for Dubai Office
Printing Forms
Delivery of Connectors & Cables for Ethernet/Fibre/USB/Power
Stocking & Suply of Notebook Computers
Supply Screen Saver Construction Set
Supply of Notebook & Calendar
Supply of Workstation Computers
Supplying of Data Enrichment & Cleansing
EPIC for Flow Computers Replacement
Stocking & Supply of Notebook Computers
Stocking & Supply of Desktop Computers
Maintenance Services for Computer Equipment
IBM Hardware Maintenance and Support Services
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For Suppliers

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