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Tenders for Security and Safety Equipment

Supply of Thermal Camera & Intrinsically Safe Optical Gas Imaging Camera
Dead Line: 4/15/2020 >>  Bahrain
Ref: IN/Tatweer/455/2020, Announcement Date: 3/24/2020
Security Services
Dead Line: 4/13/2020 >>  Pakistan
Ref: SS/3880-MU, Announcement Date: 3/30/2020
Tenders and Leads Archive
Supply of Marine Safety Vest
Supply of Fire Alarm Bell
X Ray Scanners
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
HMI Display for Fire & Gas System
Supply of Iris MX Motion Amplification Camera
Security Services
Replacement of GI Sheet
Supply of Fireman Turnout Suit
Construction of Firefighting Water Tank and Upgrading BUS2 & AGS2 Firewater Systems
Supply of Foldable Life Jacket
Sale & Removal of (3) Eurologix Security X-Ray Machines
Security Services Across Pakistan
Supply of Fire and Safety Equipment
Provision of Providing Devices for Information Security System
Private Security Company for CPF3 Facility Protection
Disposable Detector Cover
Sale & Removal of Various Furniture, Fire Cabinet and Electric & Training Items
Provision of Fire, Safety Warden and Safety Officer Services
Provision of Design and Construct Fire Alarm System
Fire & Safety Equipment Gloves
Provision of Emergency Coordination Center
Procurement of Cctv Systems for Oils LPG Recovery and Filling Plants
Sale and Removal of Ambulances (2 NOS)
Provision of Private Security Service
Hiring of Security Services
Hiring of Security Services for EOA
Hazop and Other Safety Studies
Supply of Full HD Speed Dome Camera
Fire Alarm System for Chemical Stores
Stocking & Supply of Firemen Jackets & Trousers
Sale & Removal of Miscellaneous Medical Equipment
Provision of Safe Access Way and Fencing
Wireless Cameras & Accessories
Supply of 5000 Meters Length of Palisade Security
Services for Fire Gap Analysis
Provision of Travel Risk Management System
Procurement of Leather Jackets
Procurement Coverall,Shalwar Qameez & Lab Coat
Blankets, Bed Sheets, Pillows, Safety Shoes, Leather
Supply, Install & Commissioning of CCTV & ACS Hardware
Annual Contract of Fumigation Services
Electronic Sergeant Processing System
Supply and Installation of Fall Arrester System
Security Services
Construct of Fire Training Ground Facility
Fencing Services
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Facility Protection Service
Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Supply and Installation of Fall Arrester System
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of CCTV Systems
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV system
Cleaning of Silt from Fire Water Reservoir
New Emergency Response Coordination Centre
Security Services Contract for North Zone
Providing Security Gate & Post Chain Link Fencing
Protection & Guarding Services for Part of the Arab Gas Pipeline
Fabrication and Installation of Security Hydraulic Road Blocker
Provision of Guarding and Security Services
Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Fire Alarm System
Provide Watchman Service for FSF
Supply of Leather Jackets
Supply of Gloves
Supply of Intrinsically Safe Cameras
Procurement of Safety Glass Paper Lamination
Supply of Fire Water Monitor and Hydrant
Supply and Installation of Fall Arrest System
Modification in Fire Water and Sweet Water Piping Systems
Supply of Fire Hose Pipe & Fire House Box
Tracking Alarm Systems and Satellite Airtime
Provide Personal Protective Equipment
Supply of Fire Blankets and Fire Hose Pipe
Sale & Removal of Digital Video Camera and Digital Camera
Mine & UXO Clearance in Abu Ghirab
Mine & UXO QA/QC in Abu Ghirab
Replacing Existing Halon 1301 Systems of DP3 and DP4
Procurement of Personnel Protective Equipment at Aviation Stations across Pakistan
Cyber Awareness Program Delivery 2018-2020
Two Years Contract of Security Services
Two Years Security Contract
Two Years Security Contract of Quick Response Force
Annual Contract for Janitorial Services
Provision of Emergency Response Services
Supply & Install in Vehicle Speed Radar Camera
Foam /Water Fire Tender (1 Unit)
Supplying of Aqueous Film Forming Foam Concentrate ( Afff 3 % )
Private Security Company for CPF2 Facility
Security Services
Supply and Installation of Auto Rescue Device
Maintenance of IT Safety and Security Systems
Renewal for Qualys Enterprise Security Suit
Supply of Vigilon Loop Card for Fire Detection
Security Facilities Construction and Maintenance
Fire & Safety Equipment
Purchase and Supply of the F&G and FM200 System
Master Service Agreement (MSA) for Physical Security Systems
Supply and Installation of Overfill Protection System
Supply of Uniforms and Jackets for Pump attendants
Tracking Alarm Systems & Satellite Airtime
Stocking & Supply of Coverall
Repairing of Security Lights & Light Works
Contract for Janitorial Services at Islamabad
Fire Gap Analysis
Facility Protection Service
Supply of Safety Statistics Board
Supply of Uniforms for Management Staff
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Fire Alarm System
Provision of Safety Footware Solution
Provision of Private Security Services
Emergency Medical and Safety Rescue Service
Provision of Industrial Security Personnel
Steel Sun Shade Sheds for Security Check Point
Provision of Private Security Company
Repairing of CCTV Fix Cameras at Chakpirana Depot
Services Required for Fire Gap Analysis of Keamari Terminal A
Upgrade of BS-60 and BS-100 Fire Alarm System
Security Services
Call-Off Contract Services Fire Personnel
Supply of Security Cameras
Providing High Security Fencing on Network
Call off Contract for Physical Security Systems
Supply of Safety Hand Gloves
Surveillance Cameras of PS3 Station
Siem2.0 Solution for Data Centre Security
International Travel Risk System
Double Back Stuffing Boxes and S/P
Supply of Safety Shoes
Supply of Nomex Coverall and Winter Jacket
Commercial Security Services
Automation of Spillage Containment Control
Upgrade of Network of Fire & Gas (F&G) System
Provision of Nitrile Gloves
Provision of Security Services
Supplying of Lanyard Double Leg
Supplying of Catholic Protection Equipments
Technical Study for Firefighting System Pipes
Construction of Additional Security Building
Renovation the Receiving Oil Station
Supply of Personal Protective Equipment
H2S Protection Services
Leak Detection & Monitoring (LDAR)
Improvement of Fire Fighting
Supply of Uniforms & Safety Foot Wears
Fire Stations
Provision of Sand Protection Screens
EPIC of Centralized Fire Alarm Monitoring System
EPIC for PA/GA, CCTV, FT & MPLS Systems in Dukhan
EPIC for Replacement of PA/GA at NGL3 & NFA
Supply of Back Filling Material
EPIC of Privacy & Breakwater Wall at DWS Facility
EPC of Blast Resistant Operators' Shelter
Crude Oil Tanks Deluge System Modification
Maintenance Services for Fire and Gas Systems
Completion & Commissioning of Control System
Security Management Services
Water Mist System and Disposal of Halon Cylinders
EPIC for Building Management & Public Address System
Fire and Gas Detection System For Zubair-1 & PS-1 Depots
Gulf Oil and Gas
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