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Tenders and Leads Archive
ICT Equipment
ICT Equipment Upgrade for Dubai Office
6VDU 70F7001 Heater Tubes Mechanical Decoking
Sale & Removal of Analogue PABX Systems at Mesieed
Column Set for NGA Model 2002 Part#n6107048
Open Hole and Cased Hole Straddle Packer Services
Supply of WATTCO Heaters
Sale & Removal of Measuring Equipment, Coriolis
Providing Equipment for the Karbala Government Gas Depot
Supply of Honeywell Spares
Supply of Bearings and V-Belts
Supply of Rosemount Spares Required for CGDF Project
Supplying of Spare Parts for Hot Oil Fired Heater at HPC’s GTP
Supply of Studbolts
Supply of Spare Parts for Filling Machines
Importation and Construction New Gas Nitrogen Drum
Purchase of Essential Equipment
Supply of Bearings
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of FCC Catalyst Steam Deactivation Unit
Catalyst Replacement in 4C-02 Kerosene Reactor
Procurement of District Regulating Skids
Supply of Wattco Heaters
Procurement of Steam Traps for LP, MP, HP and VHP Steam Trap
Procurement of Non Intrusive Pig Passage Signaller
Top Distributor Replacement
Fabrication of Striker Plates
Supply of New Flare and Flare Gas Recovery System
Supply of Spare Part for Regeneration Gas Heater
Bolts and Nuts
Sale & Removal of Geomembrane Plant Equipment
Provision of Equipment Improvement
Integral Drainage System
Bolt and Nuts
Installation of Thermal Fluid Heaters Inside Tanks of Asphalt Plant
Procurement of Nitrous Oxide Pressure Regulator
Supply of Automatic Distillation Equipment
Supply of Manual Distillation Equipment
Supply of Micro Distillation Equipment
Supply of Micro-Separometer Equipment
Supply of Automatic Freezing Point Equipment
Supply Bolts & Nuts
Replacement of Three Desalters and Three Oil Heaters
Supply of Spare Parts for Hot Oil Fired Heater
Supply Steering Gear System M\T Dijlah
Stud Boly with Two Heavy Hex.Nuts.Plain Assembly
Gear Box and Spares
Supply New Complete Cross Flow Cooling Tower
Precision Lathe Machine
Spares for Fuel Gas Heater and Super Heater instal
Lovato Coil Assembly
Conditioner for Boiler Feed Water
Five Years Long Term Agreement to Supply Bolts and Nuts
O-Ring, Closure, Quick Opening,Tdw,36x32in
Parker Pressure Regulators
Consumables and Equipment for Corrosion Inspection & Monitoring
Sale & Removal of Geomembrane Plant Equipment
Supply of Auxiliary Plant R.O Membrane Filmtes
Re-Tubing of Fresh Cooling Water Exchangers
Supply Ger Box Oil Cooler Plate M/T Alforat
Supply and Installation of Multifunction Attenance Machines
Procurement of Pressure and Compound Gauges
Supply of Pressure Gauges
Supply of Six (6) nos. of Fan Assembly
Provision of Half- Year Equipment and Spare Parts for CPF
Supply & Replacement of Cooling TowerThurst Fan 2
Differential Pressure Gauge for Industrial Process Specification
Procurement of Heat Transfer Fluid
Supply of Services for Sulfur Bagging
Provision of Heavy Relevant Industrial Equipment
Hire of Equipment
Data Enrichment & Cleansing for Supplier
Supplying of Tube Condenser
Supplying of Dryer & Balnc
Supplying of Fisher Converter
Supplying of Hydrogen Peroxide Skid
Supplying of Stock Items
Fiber Mold Ceramic
Sale & Removal of Shredding Machines and Heaters
Call-Off Contract for Hire of Equipment
Recycle Gas Dryer
P/F KHD Screen Bowl Centrifugal
Supply of Spectrophotometer
Spare Parts for Gas Conditioning Unit
Supply of Parts for MES CTA &PTA Dryers
Supply of Air Dryers
Supply of Parts for Kobe Pelletrizer
P/F Rosemount Analytical Equipment
P/F Masoneilan Pressure Regulator
Supply of P/F "Nankai" Coalescer
Supply of Water Heater
Supply of Process Instruments
Supply of Fuel Gas Electric Heater
P/F Mitsui Secondary Comp Intercooler
Maintenance of Heaters 120H1, 120H2 & 121H4
Rental of Heavy Duty Equipment
Convert No.6 A/C Chillers to R134A
Supply of P/F "Waeschle" Rotary Vane
Supply of Air Coolers
Supply of Condensate Stabilizing Column
Supply of Parts for Current Brake
Supply of Flesh Point Tester
Spare Parts for Hot Oil Heater
Supply of Labelling & Capping Machines
Overhauling of Electric Chiller
Supply of Air Cooled Water Chillers
Spare Parts for Electrical Heater
Connecting Link, for Roller Chain
P/F Okeh Mud Saver Buckets
Kelly Guard Assy
Parts for Rotary Transmission Size No.1312082
Parts for Rotary Transmission
Wire Line Bridge Plugs & Related Setting Tools
Parts for "Cameron" ADJ. Choke 1" Max
Parts for "M/D Totco" Record-O-Graph
Supply of Cement Mixing Mechanical Unit
P/F "Shanghai Pudong" Rotary Table
Supply of Flame Arresters
Hire of Heavy Equipment
Parts for Drawworks
Swivel Joint, Chiksan Steel Extra
Parts for Koomey
Supply of Parts for Koomey
Parts of Kelly Guard Assy
P/F Bowen Series 150 Releasing & Circulating Overshot
P/F Totco Double Recorder & Go-Devils Instruction Manual 2626
P/F Bowen Series 150 Releasing & Circulating Overshot
P/F Twin Ht 400 Pump End Mounted on Cementing Unit
Spare Parts for Nach Ejector Power
Installation, Construction and Testing
Supply X-Ray Equipments
Spare Parts for New Power House Ejector
Supply of Secondary Ejector
Spare Parts for Hot Oil Heater
Supply of Expander
Supply of Fan/ Ventilator for Gas Generator
Spares for Soot Blower, Condenser & Ejector
Spares for Burner, Soot Blower & Ejector
Automation Apparatus of Octane Test Engine
Supply of Tubes and Tube Bundle
Spare Part for Oxygen Thermostat Cabinet
Supply & Installation of X-Ray Machine
Parts for " Cameron" Adj.Choke 1"Max
Weco Hammer Plug Valve "FMC" Series
Parts for "Hydril" Pulsation Dampner
Chiller Water System
Bottom Hole Sampler
Supply of General Tools and Equipment
Optical Emission Spectrometer
Supply of Impeller for Equipment
Coring Tool
SFT-Gamma Ray Tools
Skid Unit
Gasket & Packing materials
Single Acting Piston Type Triplex
Speed Allison 4700 Ofs Automatic
Bowen Revers Circulating Junk Basket
Double Unit Ramtype
Supply of Equipments
X-Ray Equipments & Materials
Supply of Electric Heaters
Call-off Contract for Hire of Equipments
Provision of Operated Equipment Services
Procurement & Installation of Crude Heater
Supply of Cementing Equipment with All Accessories
Asphalt Blowing Unit for Samawah Refinery
Asphalt Blowing Unit with Ancillaries
Hire of Site Facilities on Call-off Basis
Supply of Distillation Unit and Viscosity Meter
Dehydration & Desalting Unit for Halfaya Field
Complete Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant
Supply of Naphtha Hydro desulphurization & catalytic reforming units for nasiriya refinery
Tender for Design And Supply Of Koya Refinery Project in Iraq
Tender For Supply of Chlorine neutralization Units For west Qurna Water Injection Project
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