Tenders for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Provision of Maintenance, Replacement and Supply Services for HVAC
Dead Line: 7/7/2024 >>  Qatar
Ref: GT24104100, Announcement Date: 5/19/2024
Tenders and Leads Archive
Refinery Clinic HVAC Replacement
Supply of HVAC Equipment & Packages for PS-1 Offshore Location
Sale & Removal of HVAC Units
Supply of Hazardous Area Rated HVAC Equipment for PS-1D & PS-1R
Supply & Installation of Split Air Conditioners
Repair Overhaul and Refurbishment of HVAC Units at RLIC
Supply of Air Conditioner Units (split type), Heat & Cool of 1.5 ton (18000btu/hr)
Supply of Complete Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning HVAC System and Associated Components
Supply and Installation of Complete Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning HVAC System
Replacement / Refurbishment of Fin Fan Type Air Coolers
Maintenance and Replacement of HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment
Sale & Removal of Medical Glass Door Refrigerators at Doha and Ras Laffan
Sale & Removal of Split and Window Air Conditioners and Copper Tubing
Supply, Installation & Commissioning of HVAC Chillers in Port Tower
Sale and Removal of Split /Window AC Units and Water Coolers in Mesaieed
Split/Window/Package Air Conditioners, Chillers, Catering Items
Supply and Installation of HVAC Ducting
Sale & Removal of HVAC Units AC
Sale & Removal of Ductable Central Split Air Conditioning Units
Supply and Installation of Cooling Coils & Plenum
Procurement of Split Air Conditioners
Sale & Removal of Split, Window & Ductable Central A/CS in Mesaieed and Dukhan
Leasing of Catering, Mechanical & Air Conditioning Equipment
Air Conditioner Split Type, 1.5 ton, 18000 btu
Supply and Installation of Floor Standing Air Conditioners (4 Tons)
Supply of BG&S Spares
Supply of AHU 6 Row Chilled Water Cooling Coil
Purchase Air Conditioner Spare Parts and Assemblities
Split Air-Conditioners
Descaling of 350Ton York Chillers
Procurement of Floor Standing Air Conditioners (4 Ton)
Upgraduation of HVAC
Supplying Container Refrigeration
Hiring of Operation and Maintenance Services for HVAC Split AC Water Cooler
Procurement of Air Conditioner
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of AHUs for HVAC Plant
Supplying Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioners
Supply of Electric Water Coolers at PSO Locations
Supply of Reactor Effluent Air Fin Cooler for 207-E-109 A to H
Air Conditioning System
Procurement of 60,000 BTU Floor Standing Air Conditioners
Complete New Air Cooler Steam Condense System
Hiring of Services for Operation of HVAC System
AMC of Central Air Conditioning System
Sale & Removal of Split / Window Air Conditioners, Projectors, Office Chairs
Purchase Air Conditioner Spare Parts and Assemblies
Sale & Removal of Split/Window/Package Air Conditioners
Supply of Spare Parts for Air Conditioning Carrier
07 Nos Air Conditioners
Supplying Building Maintenance Materials
Sale & Removal of Split Air Conditioners, Pipe Fitting
Construction of New Air-Cooled Chiller Plant and Chilled Water Piping Network
Supply of Air Conditioning for Lub Oil Control Room
Explosion Proof Air Condition
Supply of Refrigerant Gases
Sale & Removal of Air Conditions, Engine Cooler, Monitoring System and Pump Motors
Supply of De-Humidifier
Supply and Installation of Motorize Damper
Sale & Removal of Air Conditioners and Various Stock Materials
Supply of Electronic Air Gauge for NVROS
Air Freshner
Supply of 4 Tons Air Conditioning Unit
Procurement of Dehumidifier
Supply of R-407 C Refrigerant Gas
Sale & Removal of Ventilation Fans
Belts for Fan Coolers
Fuel Gas Heater Bundles
Replacement of Condenser Coils
Procurement of Refrigerator, Deep Freezer and Electric Water Coolers
Atlas Copco SD Dryer
Sale & Removal of Air Conditions and Old Washing/Dryer Machines
Split Air Conditioners (Heat & Cool)
Supply Spares of Air Conditioners, Chillers & Coolers
Procurement of Split Air Conditioners
Supply and Installation of Air Conditioners
Supply, Delivery, Installation,Testing & Commissioning of Chilled Water Piping
Sale & Removal of Window, Split ACS and Photocopiers
Supply and Installation of New Cooling Tower
Supply and Installation of Air Conditioners
M&R of MQTU Van (Toyota Hiace)
Supply and installation of Floor Standing 4 Tons Air Conditioners
Procurement of U-Channel Gasket & Supply & Replacement of Coolant in York Chillers
Purchase of Two (2) Spare Bundles for 2hdu Overhead Air Coolers 62e6204/6204c
PVC Film Filling Pack Blocks
Re-Habilitation of Cooling Tower Structure
Supply and installation of Air Conditioners
Descaling of 350 ton York Chiller
Replacement of Instrument Air and Plant Air System
Replacement of Instrument Air and Plant Air System
Replacement of Instrument Air and Plant Air System
Provision of DE Humidifier Units for PSO Central Laboratory
Hiring of Portable Industrial Air Conditioners
Supply of Spare Parts for HVAC in GPT
Purchase of HVAC Equipment
Comprehensive Maintenance Contract
Comprehensive Maintenance of Rig Air-Conditioners
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance of Various Window & Split Air Conditioners
Sale & Removal of Window Air Conditioners
Sale & Removal of Air Conditioner Units
Supply and Installation of Air Conditioners
Supply of Refrigerant Gas
Supplying of HVAC Spares
EPIC for Add Air Conditioning Units
Maintenance Service for A/C Systems
Maintenance for Air Conditioning System
Replacement of AC Units
Spare Parts for Air Conditioning
Chilled Water A/C System
Routine Maintenance of HVAC System
Supply of Air Condition Unit
Provision of Air-Conditioning Equipment
Single Packaged Air Conditioning Unit
Operation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning
Supply of Air Conditioning Units
Spare for Package Air Conditioning Unit
Maintenance of HVAC & Ref Facilities
Coleman / RVP or Equivalent Air Conditioners
Modification of Air Conditioning
Mellitah Request for Pre-qualification for Replacing the Existing Central Air-Conditioning System
Replacement of 3 Air Cooled Chiller Plants at Central Workshops - Ahmadi
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