Tenders for Detector, Gas

Tenders and Leads Archive
Service and Maintenance of Fire and Gas Detectors
Prequalification of the Supply of High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System
Supply of High Performance Multiphase Detector
Sale & Removal of Co2 Crowcon Monitors & Tower Light
Supply of High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System along with Power Supply
Rehabilitation of LPG Gas Detector System
Supply of Single & Multiple Gas Detector
Procurement of Chemical Water Detectors
Fire and Gas Detectors
Supply of DETRONICS Spare
Supplying of Dual Spectral Gamma Qty 1 with Training
Supply of Gas Detector
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of On Line Gas Detection System
Detector, Single Gas
Supply, Installation and Commissioning and PWAMC of Gas Detectors
Supply & Installation of Open Path Gas Detector
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of LEL Detection System
Supply of Det-tronics Open Path Detectors
Procurement and Installation of IR based Point Gas Detection System
Supplying of Calibrations Cylinders and Accessories
Intelligent Smoke & Heat Detectors
Supply of Spares for Crowcon Make Gas Detector
Miscellaneous Instrument Pcrs at NGL & Terminal Operations
Supply of LEL Gas Detection System
Rate Contract for Drager Make Portable Gas Detectors
Comprehensive AMC for Draeger Make Portable Gas Detectors
Supply of Gas Detector
Supply of DRAGER Spares Required for GDN
Supply of Gas Detector
Supply of Detector, Gas
Supply of Detector, Single Gas
Supply of Detector Gas
Supply of Gas and Flame Detector
Supply of SAS IPS Fire & Gas System Upgrade
Hydrogen Detectors Installation
Portable Combustible (LEL) Gas, Hydrogen Sulphide
Purchase of Toxic, Combustible & Flame Detectors Spares and Consumables
Sale & Removal of CCTV Cameras, Detectors, Gauges, Valves and Transmitters
Supply of Detector
X-ray Bag Detector and Metal Detector
Honeywell Searchpoint Optima Plus
Hydrocarbon Gas Detector & Bifold Solinode Valve
Detector, Gas, & Seal Assy, Dry Gas,Suct, Tandem Solar
New Helium Cylinder & HC Gas Detector Sensor
Searchpoint Optima Plus
Gas Detector Sensor Spare & IR/UV Detector Spare
Gas Detector System (Total Gas and Chromatograph)
Supply of Explosive Detectors at Keamari Terminal B
Procurement of Explosive Detector
Purchase of Toxic, Combustible & Flame Detectors Spares & Consumable
Provision of Spare Partsfor Area Gas Monitoring
Provision of Multi-gas Monitor
Portable Devices for Measuring Gases
Instrument Spares, Gas Detectors, PAGA & Controls System Spares
Hiring Gas Detector Instruments for Maf 2017 Turnaround
Infra Red Hydrocarbon Gas Detector
Supply of Spare Parts Gas and Flame Detectors
Supply of Digital Multi Gas Detector
Provision of Inspection, Calibration and Certification of Fire & Gas Detectors
Supply of Portable Combustible Gas Detector
Portable Devices for Measuring Gas Pollution
Supply of Multi Gas Detector
EPIC for Installation of Flammable & Toxic Gas Detectors
Gas Detector Calibration Station with Accessories
Supply of Combustible Gas Detector
Hazardous Gas Detector Complete Package
Field Instrumentation for Fire & Gas System
Gas Detectors with Accessories
Gas Detection System
EPIC Of Toxic Gas Detectors
Supply of Ultra Violet Fire Detectors
Gas Detecting & Analysis Equipments
EPIC for Toxic Gas Detection System
Supply of Gas Monitors and Detection System
Gulf Oil and Gas
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