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Tenders for Paints

Tenders and Leads Archive
Hiring of Services for External Painting of Storage Tanks
Paint Work
Painting Civil and Steel Structure
Paint Work of Different NVROs
Paint Work of Different NVROs
Miscellaneous Painting Works
Painting Works
Misc. Painting Works
Chlorinated Rubber Paint Job for Sideways and Walkways
Providing Services for Monolith Tower Paint Works
Painting Services
Providing Services for Civil Structure Exterior Painting Works
Paint Work
Painting Job
Painting Services
Providing Services for Monolith Tower Paint Works of different NVROs at Sukkur Division
Providing Services for Monolith Tower Paint Works
Canopy and Building Paint
Thermoplastic Paint Road
Canopy Paint Work
Paint works of different NVROs at Peshawar Divsion
Painting, Insulation, Vinyl Ester Wrapping Services
Painting of Civil Structure
Painting Services
Repair and Painting Works for Tank T2751
Painting & Finishing Work
Providing Services for Thermoplastic Paint Road
Road Marker Painting
Annual Contract for Paint Work
Flex Digitally Printed Skins
Annual Contract of Paint Work
Painting Works for Civil and Steel Structure
Denting Painting and Repairing
Painting of Civil Structure
Painting Job at Fuel Farm Facility
Coal Tar Paint Works
Replacement of Tiles, Reinstallation of Pavers & Paint Works
Paint Work at NVROs Islamabad Division
M&R Works, Repairing & Painting Works
Pipe Wrapping Application & Minor Painting Works
Painting of Office Room at KTA
Paint Work of NVRO's of Gujranwala Division
Painting Work
Painting of Civil Structure
Services for Painting
Painting of Civil Structures
Painting Required for LSFO Pipeline
Provide Services for Colour Code Identification System
Bottom Surface Preparation and Epoxy Painting
Supply & Painting of 3M Graphics
Painting of Civil / Mechanical Steel Structures
Supply of Paint
Provision of External Painting / Protective Coating Services
Painting of Metallic Sentry Checkpost
Supply of Paint Material
Supply of Packaging Materials
Supply of Paints for False Ceiling at PSO House
Painting of Civil Structures & Firewater pipeline
Painting of Steel Structure at KTB
Annual Contract of Paint Work at LMT
Supply of Service (Painting, Renovation Works & Site Development)
Purchase of Camp Maintenance Material
Hiring Painting Services of GI clamps
Supply of Various Types of Paints
Exterior Painting & Repairing of E-Type Bunglows
Replacement of Damaged Wooden Members
Grit Blasting & Epoxy Lining of Tank 9-Tk-702
Exterior and Roof Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior and Roof Painting
Exterior Painting and Repairing
Painting and Varnishing of Steel & Wooden Furniture
Supply of Paints
Painting of Piping &Structure Compresor Enclosures
Exterior Painting of “A type”
Annual Rate Contract for Painting Work
Provision of Coating Call-off Services
Carrying out 4 Yearly Maintenance
Provision of Painting Services for to Mellitah Complex
Painting Workshop Utilities & Networks
Painting Workshop Equipment

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