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Tenders for Flanges

Supply of Pipe Flanges and Blind Flanges
Dead Line: 10/1/2020 >>  Qatar
Ref: DT20/00005, Announcement Date: 9/3/2020
Supply of Companion Flanges
Dead Line: 9/28/2020 >>  Bahrain
Ref: TPC-1159-2020, Announcement Date: 8/27/2020
Tenders and Leads Archive
Supply of Flanges
Supply of Flanges
Provision of Pipeline Maintenance Materials for CPF
Procurement of Flanges & Fittings
Supply of Flanges
Supply of Flanges
Supply of CS Flanges
Supply of Flanges
Supply of Flanges
Supply of Flanges
Supply of Dummy Shell and Test Ring Test Flange
Supply of Flanges and HDPE Fittings
Procurement of Flanges
Supply of CS and SS Flanges
Supply of Blind and Slip on Flanges
Supply of Flanges
Procurement of Flanges & Fitting
Supply of Orifice Flange
Supply of Flanges
Supply of Flanges
Supply of Orifice Flange Assembly
Flange + Elbow
Provision of Replacing the Corroded Flanges and Steel Rings
Supply of Valve and Fitting
Supply of Valve and Fitting
Supply of Double Studded Adaptor Flange & Orifice Flange Assembly
Pipe Accessories
Supply of Pipe and Fitting
Supply of Flange 3/4 Flange 2
Blind, Flange
Supply of Test Stump
Provision of High Pressure Blind Flange
Provision of Pipe Cone Strainers & V-Ring
Supply of Fastener, Studs
Supply of Flanges
Supply of 34 Inch Subsea Pipeline Repair Flange Connectors
Services for Collection and Shifting of Used Tank Wagon MS Flanges
D.S.A Flange
Supply of Flanges & Ring Joint Gasket
Supply of Double Pack Off Flanges
Supply of Insulation Kit Flange
Supply of RTJ Flange
Supply of Stainless Steel Flanges
Supply of Steel Flanged Coupler
Supply of Flange Pipe
Tube & Fittings for F101
Supply of Elbows and Flanges
Sale & Removal of Pipes, Tee and Flanges
Spade/Blind Flanges Lug Modification
Sale & Removal of Flanges & Elbows
Supplying of Rush, Tee, Flanges & Valves
Supply of Flanges
P/F Mitsui Secondary Comp Intercooler
Supply of Flanges
Supply of Flanges, Elbows & Fittings
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For Suppliers

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