Replacement of PS-2/PS-3 Cranes

Reference GT10104500
Date 5/6/2010
Location Middle East
Except as expressly provided otherwise herein, contractor shall supply all labour, services, supervision, testing equipment, tools and each and every items of expense necessary for the performance and completion of the work and hand over to the company of the facilities in accordance with this contract (herein after referred to as the work). The work shall be performed in accordance with this scope of work and all specifications, codes and standards and requirements referred to herein or attached hereto and shall include but not be limited to the requirements as following:

1- It is not the intent to specify completely the details of design, engineering documentation, materials, manufacture, procurement, supply, fabrication, inspection, demolition, installation painting, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and performance testing of the facilities.

2- All design and engineering data, design and engineering standards, drawings, specifications, codes and standards, and other information herein referred to, provided either directly or indirectly by the company, are for contractor's information and guidance only.

3- It is contractor's responsibility to ensure that the facilities are designed, engineered, procured, manufactured, installed, pre-commissioned, commissioned, and tested in accordance with the company and international specifications, codes and standards specified herein, statutes, regulations, and safety codes, and is also consistent with good engineering practice to provide safe and reliable facilities as specified herein. Contractor shall be solely responsible for the complete design and detailed engineering, procurement, manufacture, installation, construction/ demolition, pre-commissioning, commissioning and testing of the facilities.

4- The company shall approve all contractor-prepared documents before commencement of the procurement and construction activities. Such approval by the company any other approval consent, acknowledgement and/or review by the company under this contract shall not relieve contractor of any of its obligations, responsibilities and liabilities to perform design/engineering so as to meet the intended facilities performance and quality requirements, or to perform and achieve completion of the work in accordance with this contract.

5- The facilities shall be handed over to the company, totally integrated, as applicable, into the existing facility, utility and safety systems.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond QAR 1,100,000
Bond Validity 150 days from the Bid Closing Date
Offer Validity 120 days from the Bid Closing Date
Documents Price QAR 500
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