Supply of Mass Flow Meter

Mass Flowmeter
Reference 18F/2010
Date 5/17/2010
Location Middle East
The company intend to supply and install one L.P.G. Ex proof high accurate and direct coriolis mass flow metering skid to measure flow in Baghdad / Bub Alsham plant. The summery of the items required to be supplied are:
1- All system materials (main component and auxiliary materials)

2- All system design and engineering works.

3- Provide the approved documents for (engineering factory and testing) and procedure for (installation, maintenance, operation and calibration).

4- Fat and Sat certification by third party inspection and (G.F.C.) Packing.

5- Warranties and one-year maintenance guarantee.

6- Supply of spare parts for 5 years.

7- The auxiliary components shall be consisting of the following items:
A- Power and grounding cables and their cabling materials.
B- Instrumentation cable, cable glands, termination, accessories, trays, compressions fitting, etc, as required for a distance from skid to control room approximately 300 MT.
C- Necessary sockets, fitting, sealing…etc.
D- Necessary tools for installing, operating, maintenance, testing and calibration the electrical installation will be fully weather proof and suitable for hazardous area classification.
E- The supplier shall provide supervision for following activities (layout preparation works for installing, operation, and calibration the metering skid system on site).

8- Pipeline size 3 inches.

9- The skid shall be installed, commissioned and locally calibrated by supplier.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 1% of submitted prices
Bond Validity 90 days
Documents Price ID 100000
Mass Flowmeter
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