Abandoned Crude Oil Pipelines Removal

Oil and Gas Pipeline
Reference RFP-2218
Date 8/10/2010
Location Middle East
The scope of works includes site survey, excavation, degassing/draining/flushing, cold cutting and removal of 23 nos. abandoned crude oil/other hydrocarbon pipelines of different sizes (i.e. 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 32”, 36” etc.) in South & East Kuwait areas. The work includes the following:

1- Supply of all necessary manpower, constructional plant, materials and any other services required for completion of the works.

2- Site survey of the route of the abandoned crude oil/other hydrocarbon pipelines and preparation of the detailed drawings showing the exact route/configuration of the abandoned pipelines.

3- Excavation, providing proper shoring and dewatering etc. as required, expose and identify the abandoned pipelines which are to be removed.

4- Construction of temporary lined-drain pits of adequate capacity along with necessary fencing in suitable locations for collecting the crude oil, sludge, oily/ flushing water including fabrication and installation of 4” dia drain connections with drain valves.

5- Supply of all materials, fabrication and installation of temporary pig launchers and receivers for flushing and cleaning of the pipelines.

6- Isolation, draining/degassing, water flushing of pipelines to ensure that lines are reasonably clean and are free from Hydrocarbon/toxic gases including H2S.

7- Hot tapping to provide vent connections on the abandoned crude pipelines at required locations, for releasing any trapped gases inside the pipeline.

8- Cold cutting of the pipelines in 12 meters lengths, cleaning and transport the pipes to site scrap storage yard or any other location, as directed by the superintendent.

9- Dismantling and removal of all associated valves, pipe supports, fittings, cathodic protection installations, cabling, pipe fittings and transporting the same to Site scrap storage area as directed by the company.

10- Excavating, demolishing of concrete blocks, valve pits etc. and removal and transport of the rubbish materials to company’s approved dumping areas.

11- Hazardous sludge materials, all solids, dangerous and inactive wastes removed from the site shall be transported and disposed of.

12- Provision of new gatch materials, as required for backfilling of all the excavated pipe trenches, temporary drain pits and any other excavated areas.

13- Cleaning and removal of all the spilled crude oil/sludge on daily basis and disposal to temporary drain pits.

14- Fabrication and installation of 4” pipeline and piping connections for transporting/transferring of the crude oil/oily water to the temporary drain pits.

15- Transporting crude oil/flushed oily water to Shuaiba Industrial Area or to any other designated locations for treatment/ safe disposal, as directed by the company. The contractor is deemed to have included the cost of transportation and processing/treatment fees etc. in the contract prices.

16- Sections of pipelines under the asphalt road / oil lakes are not required to be removed. Installation of markers, blind plates, vent lines and crash barriers on both sides of the pipeline sections under the asphalt roads and oil lakes.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 2.5% of the contract price
Documents Price KD 300
Oil and Gas Pipeline
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