Supply of Electronic Flow Meters

Mass Flowmeter
Reference 3636/2010
Date 8/29/2010
Location Middle East
It is required to supply of # 43 electronic Ex-d mass flow meters (Coriolis) to measure the feed from the storage tanks to operation units and the products from the units to the tanks to achieve the mass balance, the meters should compensate the measured quantities to standards conditions (temperature 15 C or 20 C and a pressure of 1.01325 bar) take in consideration any change of operation conditions during the operation, the flow meters should supplied as individual parts not as a skids with all necessary valves, (pressure, temperature) instruments (gauges & transmitters) and any necessary accessories such as thermal jacket, strainers, etc..

Reference specifications:
The engineering designs (Drawings & Calculations) shall be complied with the requirements of the country national code for measurement of hydrocarbon fluids and American Petroleum Institute API MPMS (Ch 4, Ch 5 Sec. 4, Sec.6 and Ch 21).
The total uncertainty is better than 0.15 % for liquids and 3 % for gases.
These flow meters should be traceable to recognize International Standards, (NIST standards).
These flow meters are used in measurements of custody transfer.
Rounding shall be according to API CH 12 this shall be considered for the flow computer software.
The system of units is Metric System. NIST, Traceability.
All meters shall operate 7 day\week.
The output volume of flowing products shall have the ability to displaying in either Kg, Nm &m3 according to the product and required output.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 1% of submitted prices
Documents Price ID 50,000
Mass Flowmeter
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