Well Logging Equipments
Well Logging
Reference 82.10.4085
Date 10/7/2010
Location Middle East
1- Supply of # 1 logging truck: heavy duty (4x4) included the following specification:

1- Full rack type acquisition system contains cased hole & shooting panels (full features software and should be original, registered, upgradeable without any restrictions compatible with all new and old cased hole logging tools with high speed / high efficiency rack type computer with Appropriate color plotter.
2- Engine horsepower 350 hp, manual transmission.
3- One drum loaded with min. 7000 m, 7/32"conductor cable.
4- Drum is hydraulically driven.
5- Hydraulic generation (30 kw).
6- Electrical encoder.
7- Over pull shutdown system.
8- Full thermal insulation
9- Diesel –driven stand-alone generator for powering the acquisition system during testing and calibration.
10- All rigging ups equipment for cased hole with spare parts.

2- Supply of # 2 pressure control equipments:

Complete set of pressure equipments rated (10000 psi), for 7/32" cable, included
1.wire line lubricator with integral union, 10000 psi, w.p. H2s service, id (2.5", 3")*8 ft, threaded (5.75- 4 acme) female, type hand union.
2. Stuffing box, tool trap, dual compact wire line valve.
3. Adapter sub. (eue 3 1/2",4 1/2",2 7/8") female,(5.75 – 4 acme) mail .
4. Pressure equipment.
5. Transport basket suitable for lubricator & b.o.p.
6.hand pump assembly (10000 psi w.p.) with hydraulic hose assembly.

3- Supply of # 1 Crane 20-ton cap. as the following specifications:

1- Engine: 4-cylinder Diesel, water-cooled, 2500 rpm, max torque: 608 Nm at 1600 rpm.
2- transmission: rang –shift 6 speed (3speeds x 2range both forward & reveres), front axle, disconnect for 4x2 travel.
3- Chassis: box section frame fabricated from high strength, low alloy steel front / rear towing and tie down lugs.
4- Out Riggers: four hydraulic telescoping single-stage double box beam outer riggers.
Tyre Size: Std. 20.5x25 – 24 bias ply.
6- super structure specification (boom: 4section, 8.8-29 MT. max.tip: 31.2 MT.), (boom elevation: 1cliynder with safety valve boom angle from -3o to + 82o), (hydraulic system: two main pumps (1) piston and (one gear with combined capacity of 316.5 LPM), max. pressure 275.7 Bar
7- the crane origin from Japan (Kato, Tadano).

4- Training:

- Practical training on truck unite & pressure equipments for two field engineers & two maintains engineers two winch man, this course should be (1 month) and the training cost on supplier account.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 1% of the contract price
Bond Validity 120 days
Offer Validity 120 days
Documents Price USD 500
Well Logging
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