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Data Storage, Access and Maintenance
Data Storage Systems
Reference RFP-2330
Date 2/24/2011
Location Middle East
Scope The company’s E&P Data are currently stored at the warehouse of the previous contractor in UK in form of digital and hardcopy data. The contractor shall shift it to its warehouse and cross check the actual inventory against available report and submit it to the company for its verifications. The contractor shall provide the services as specified below and must follow the Technical Specification.

1. The Contractor shall:
- Provide safe and secure storage of confidential and critical E&P data of the company under standard environmental condition for archival of digital and hardcopy data.
- Physically check and catalogue and barcode all items (digital and hardcopy) as per company approved format and time.
- Supply the complete physical assets catalogues digitally in MS excel template in compliance with the company physical assets data model along with every half yearly rental invoice, company will advise the contractor with any changes on its physical assets data model and templates.
- Provide updates (digital and hardcopy) of the physical assets catalogues as and when new data is sent for archival and advise the company any data redundancy especially in hardcopy.
- Provide company with an online access to its physical assets catalogues through Internet. The contractor shall carry out periodic maintenance and provide update and provide user training to the company personnel.

2. Consider and maintain the relationship between the data including the observer logs and its seismic survey, also between the log prints and its digital data.

3. The contractor must carry out audit of data in archive to assure quality, safety and security of confidential data and submit a report. Any missing data or deterioration in quality is to be reported immediately.

4. The contractor shall utilize the services of an approved courier company for any internal/international transmittal.

The contract period shall be four years from the date for commencement.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond US$ 75,000.00
Bond Validity 90 days
Documents Price US$ 700.00
Data Storage Systems
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