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Civil & Electrical Refurbishment
Civil Works
Reference GT11105300
Date 4/28/2011
Location Middle East
Scope Carry out the refurbishment and modification works at various accommodations in Dukhan Township including the following:
Refurbishment of 108 no. 3 bedroom ELS Houses; Replacement of Internal floor tiles at 34 no. 4 Bedroom SS bungalows and 40 no. SS bachelor villas; Replacement of Internal Timber doors at 108 no. 3 Bedroom SS bungalows; Replacement of Kitchen Cabinets at 200 no. ELS Flats; Installation of Timers for external lightings at residences; Provide Bicycle Stand at 3 B/R ELS Flats; Replace old Wiring, piping, DB's and Accessories in 50 Nos. Senior Bachelor Staff and 261 Nos. Senior/ELS Married staff Housing Units; Provide Lighting in 204 Nos. Car Parks for ELS Married Staff Housing Units; External and Internal Refurbishment of Fifty 50 Units Senior Staff Bachelor Flats

Bidding Information

Bid Bond QAR 1,500,000.00
Bond Validity 150 days
Offer Validity 120 days
Documents Price QAR 500.00
Civil Works
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