Dismantling & Reinstallation of Normal/Acid Flare Tips

Reference LT11106800
Date 8/1/2011
Location Middle East
The objective of this contract is for contractor to carry out dismantling and replacement of Normal Flare Tips, 2201B & 2203B and Acid Flare Tips 2202B & 2204B. The locations of the Works are in the operational area inside QP Refinery.

1. TIPS 2203B/2204B: Contractor shall provide all necessary manpower, equipment, suitable crane transporting truck, tools & tackles, scaffolding, materials and consumables required to perform the Works. Suitable capacity crane with about 150-meter long boom, complete with Certified Operator, Riggers and equipment for dismantling and installation of Flare Tips (Approx. at 110 m height) shall be provided by Contractor. The crane shall be mobilized and assembled by Contractor at QP Refinery and shall carry out load test for the same. A Third Party Inspection Agency (TPI) to certify this Crane assembling and its suitability for the Works shall be appointed by Contractor. The main activities shall comprise, but not limited to, the following: -
-Dismantling of all nuts & bolts of the Flare Tips and associate piping /accessories and bring it to ground level.
-Provision of all necessary temporary support at ground level.
-Transportation of the dismantled Flare Tips to QP Refinery Work Shop.
-Transportation of repaired Flare Tips from QP Refinery Work Shop to site.
-Installation of the repaired Flare Tips and associate piping /accessories at its original position.

2. Flare Tips 2201B/2202B: These Flare Tips removal will be taken up after commissioning of Flare Tips 2203/04B. Dismantling and assembling of crane and all other activities as mentioned above for Flare Tips 2203/04B B has to be executed. Load test shall be required again.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond QAR 50,000.00
Bond Validity 150 days
Offer Validity 120 days
Documents Price QAR 200.00
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