MOT Crane Installation for Transit Pumps

Reference RFP-206118
Date 10/28/2011
Location Middle East
The Scope of Work shall include design, detailed engineering, procurement, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the following cranes inside the export pump houses of the following GC’s:
7.5 TON Cranes in GC-4 (2 nos. cranes) & GC-21 (1 No. crane) and 3 TON Cranes in GC-8 (1 No. crane),GC-9 (1 No. crane) & GC-19 (1 no. crane).

The Contractor is notified that the dimensions mentioned in the Technical Specification Part II Civil works are only preliminary and subjected to changes during detailed design and the Contactor is deemed to have allowed for such changes in its contract price. Dimensions shall be finalized by the Contractor during detail design of the building. The Crane shall be single Girder / Double Girder based on Contractor’s detailed design which shall be approved by the Company.

The Contractor shall confirm that the roof height of all pump houses are appropriate for the crane operation specially in GC’s 4 & 21 since the roof shall be increased for maintenance requirements in which the turbine chimney can be removed easily during maintenance. Contractor shall also carry out necessary extension and modifications of the turbine chimneys suitably for the increased height of the pump house roof in GC-4.

Contractor’s scope includes dismantling of the existing cranes in GC-4 and GC-21 before installation of the new cranes.

Bidding Information

Documents Price KD 200.00
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