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PMC Services for Environmental Remediation Projects
Reference RFP-204687
Date 1/4/2012
Location Middle East
The Contractorís scope of Services for implementation of remediation programme shall consist of, but not limited to, the following Services:

1. Programme Management Services
This part of the Services shall include the following:
1.1 After the survey of the contaminated areas, combine the areas into discrete individual project packages considering its feasibility for execution and identify the number of Projects under each awarded claims to be implemented under follow-up program of environmental remediation.

1.2 Prepare a nine (9) year Project Plan combining all individual Projects with estimated costs and timelines as a whole to be implemented for the Company up to year 2020 under follow-up program funded by UNCC clearly specifying long term and short term project goals.

1.3 Prepare sequence of the Projects in the order of agreed priority. The Projects shall follow a phased and sub-phased plans consistent with the F4 panelís approach to ensure effectiveness of remediation activities are meeting remediation targets and the Projects shall be sufficiently flexible and responsive to new information obtained from such continuous monitoring. Phasing would allow a particular restoration approach based on Demo projects to be tested and evaluated for a smaller area before decisions are made to implement the approach across the entire area proposed to be remediated and restored

2. Engineering & Management Services
2.1 Develop and furnish Services Implementation Manual comprising the following as a minimum:
a) Procedure for project initiation, management, monitoring and all other requirements for all stages of the Projects.

b) Co-ordination Procedure for the Services including overall design, procurement, field activities featuring Companyís procedures as well as the reviews, approval and reporting.

c) Communication protocol for establishing fast and efficient communications within clearly defined and controlled procedures and guidelines.

2.2 Plan, establish, document and submit a quality assurance system for the Services and also for the Projects for approval by the Company and IRs and UNCC and ensure that the quality assurance requirements are effectively translated into contractual requirements for the Projects, implement, audit and maintain surveillance of the quality assurance systems to ensure compliance with specified requirements.

2.3 Establish bench-marks for various parameters of performance of Services and to provide a plan for reaching the benchmarks levels.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond USD 1,000,000.00
Documents Price USD 3,500.00
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