Crude Oil Process Plant Package for Ds-7 and Ds-8 Degassing Station

Process Plant
Reference BID7570
Date 3/15/2009
Location Middle East
Ref.No.: PRJ-09-3886
Bid Closing Date: 23/04/2009
Bid Bond: 1% From the total value of tender price
Bond Validity: 90 days from the Bid Closing Date
Offer Validity: 90 days from the Bid Closing Date
Company: South Oil Company (SOC)

Scope of Work:
Scope of work should cover all detailed engineering design, supply of materials, procurement, delivery of equipment CIF Um-Qaser. Supervision and technical assistance during construction, commissioning and test run activities construction to be carried out by South Oil Company (SOC).
Scope of work also include detailed design & hook up drawing, isometric drawing. etc. to facilitate construction of plant with minimum supervision. It shall include performance guarantees of equipment & material warranty for 12 months after provisional acceptance. All equipment to be supplied with third party inspector.
Scope of supply to include the following items:
1. Basic Design Data: formation: Mushrif, well head closing pressure: 1200 psig, ambient temp: 5-55 C, black body temp: 85 C, oil SP-GR: 0.9225, GOR total m3/m3: 90, sulpher cont. wt % 3.1, pour point: 36, viscosity at 60 C :16.24 cst, formation water dissolved solid 240000 ppm, max. oil in outlet gas form separator not more than 0.1 US gallon for each 1 mmscfd.
2. Production Bank: Three stage degassing production bank with design sustained capacity 50,000 b/d.
3. Back Pressure Skid: Back pressure control valves for the gas outlet from all separation stages shall be mounted on single skid to be located on the pipe way at about 100 meters from the separation skids.
4. Flare System: Each degassing bank shall be equipped with, one high pressure stack flare collecting gas from 1st stage; one medium pressure stack flare collecting gas from 2nd stage; one low pressure stack flare collecting gas from 3rd stage; one spare cold flare collecting gas form all separators stages.
5. Interconnecting Piping: All interconnecting piping, valves, fitting and accessories within the boundary limit of the degassing bank should be included within the scope of supply. Long run piping for inlet (50m), outlet (50m), flares (250m), drain (250) shall be included within the piping package.
6. Chemical Injection Units: Dimulsifier unit, Antifoaming unit, Anticorrosion unit.
7. Local Instrument and Control System: Complete field control and instrument package to be supplied including control valves, level controllers, pressure and all necessary instrument to ensure safe operation of the bank and at least 500 m control cables should be included (c/w accessories). Switching between local and remote controlling shall be included also. All local instruments should be suitable to word under 60C. Remote control panel should be PLC based type.
8. Air Compressor: Complete package of compressed air system with all complementary accessories including: two air compressors; two air drying system (humidifier) / cellice gell; oil pre filters; compressed air receivers; air cooling system.
9. Electrical System: The electric feeding supply system required for each station (Ds-7, Ds-8)
Process Plant
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