Invitation for Remedial Treatment of Water for Firefighting and Cathodic Protection Wells

Industrial Treatment Systems
Reference BID7606
Date 4/2/2009
Location Africa
Issue Date: 02/04/2008
Bid Closing Date: 12.00 noon of Sunday May 3, 2009
Fee: LD 1000
Response address: Azzawiya Oil Refining Company, Inc, Great Jamahiriya, Azzawiya Refinery, General administration building, Phone: +218-21-36105 39/42, Ext 5331, Fax: +218-23-7643411

Scope of Work:
Azzawiya Oil Refining Co., Subsidiary of National Oil Corporation, has invited contractors to tender for Remedial Treatment of water for Firefighting and Cathodic protection wells at Azzawiya Asphalt Plant - Azzawiya Refinery located at about 45 km to the west of Tripoli, Great Jamahiriya. The Scope of Works can be summarized as follows:

a. Specify, prepare and submit a detailed clear methodology to be implemented for water remedial treatment.and Specify procedures, applicable standards.
b. Provide all required manpower, tools, equipments and materials required to implement the treatment process of water in accordance to the proposed remedial treatment methodology.
c. Specify type and methodology of tests to be carried out during treatment process to insure successful remedial treatment of water.
d. All works ,tests shall be carried accordance to latest revision of the relevant Standards and Codes.

Bids must be presented in redwax-sealed envelopes in copies as specified in the ITB documents, and they must be addressed to: CHAIRMAN, MAIN TENDERS COMMITTEE, AZZAWIYA OIL REFINING COMPANY, Inc.
Industrial Treatment Systems
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