Mellitah Has Invited Pre-Qualification Contractors for Cathodic Protection Remedial Works

Industrial Treatment Systems
Reference BID7627
Date 4/6/2009
Location Africa
Ref. No.: PQ/012/09
Issue Date: 06/04/2008
Bid Closing Date: Monday 20th April 2009 at 12:00 hrs.
Response address: Pre-Qualification Committee, Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V. Libyan Branch, Dat El-Imad Building Tower-5 Floor-1
Contact: Fax: +218 21 3350278

Scope of Work:
Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V. Libyan branch intends to issue the Tender and wish to invite for Pre-Qualification experienced & reputable Companies for Cathodic Protection Remedial works of onshore pipelines Wafa/Mellitah.

The existing CP System of the onshore pipelines from Wafa Field to Mellitah Complex requires some remedial works because of the ground bed resistance and maximum actual output current of 150Ma that is insufficient to provide a uniform current distribution. The Contract objective is the performance of such remedial works consisting mainly in the replacement of shallow ground beds with deep ground beds at the following Stations:
LVS2(CP2), LVS3(CP3), LVS4(CP4), LVS8(CP6), LVS10(CP7), LVS11(CP8), LVS13(CP9) & LVS15(CP10).
Industrial Treatment Systems
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