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Casing Heads and Christmas Trees
Drilling Equipment
Reference BID8005
Date 5/25/2009
Location Africa
Scope Ref. No.: P/08/09
Issue Date: 25/05/2009
Bid Closing Date: Sunday, June 14, 2009 @ 4:00 p.m
Address response: POGC Libya B.V., Janzour, Behind Touristic Village, Janzour-Libya
Phone (+218-21-7133505 / +218-21-7167048), fax (+218-21-4896383)
Email address: prequalification_wellheads_xmas­

Scope of Work:
Polish Oil & Gas Company (POGC) LIBYA B.V. intends to pre-qualify Supplier/Manufacturer offering Casing Heads and Christmas Trees (as per API SPEC 6A). This pre-qualification process is for preparation of the request to provide competitive proposals for the provision of Casing Heads and Christmas Trees for maximum planned (8) onshore exploration wells in Murzuq basin of Libya. The expected delivery date is April 2010.

Ref.: Pre-qualification for offering Casing Heads and Christmas Trees, contract area 113 (Blocks 1 & 2) Murzuq Basin Libya (Ref. P/08/09).

Supplier/Manufacturer must specify the following information:
- Name & Place of supplier/manufacturer, registration details and address,
- Details of Ownership/Corporate Organization,
- Supplier’s authorization for distributing manufacturer products,
- Routine Controls & testing carried out during production, results of final tests,
- Submission of experience records in similar supplies for others Oil & Gas companies, especially for companies operating in the territory of Libya,
- Pre-qualification questionnaire is attached and need to be filled in and submitted with requested documents,
- Product quality certificates (API SPEC 6 A),
- Supplier/Manufacturer most warranty the delivery of brand new Casing Heads and Christmas Trees produced between year 2008-2009,

The technical data for the prequalification of the casing heads and Christmas Trees:
Casing Heads for casing string 13 3/8”x9 5/8”x7”.
Christmas Trees, dimensions of body flanges 11”x7 1/16”, (tubing hangers 2 3/8” or 2 7/8”, connection TDS/API).

1. Maximum Working Pressure – 3 000PSI,
2. Temperature Class – TC=P-U,
3. Product Specification Level – PSL2,
4. Material Class – AA,
5. Performance Requirement Level – PR1,
6. All sets in standard design,
Remark : Conductor casing 18 5/8”.

1. Name, postal address, phone number, fax number, e-mail:
2. Description of Applicant's Discipline/Core Business Activities, Legal Status (partnership, Company) and date of establishment. List the names and addresses of associated Companies, if any:
3. Address of the Registered Office and Head Office (if different from answer to question 1):
4. Name, address and contact particulars of Applicant’s Agent in Libya (if any):
5. Overall experiences (in number of years) for the Applicant seeking pre- qualification:
6. Do you have any litigation which could have serious financial or business impact on your Company:
7. Please attach copies of register documents and international certificates:
8. Please indicate what is your general pricing program for works being the subject of this prequalification:
9. Please attach statements confirming that:
- Applicant is adequately established financially to execute the works being the subject of this prequalification;
- During the last three years before the date of the statement Applicant has not made any damage / loss to POGC or to any of PGNiG’s Capital Group member, not performing or performing not properly any their order; or if such damage / loss has occurred it was voluntarily remedied by the Applicant and the Applicant shall enclose confirmation of said case along with damage / loss description and remedies applied;
- Any Applicant’s board member has not been lawfully sentenced for a crime committed in connection with procurement / tender proceeding or any other crime committed with the aim of receiving personal profits.

1. Identify contracts signed in the last three years for works which are similar to those required herein, giving description of the client organization and value (in US Dollars):
2. Identify projects similar to those required herein, completed by the Applicant as main Contractor during last five years, indicating those located in Libya area:
3. Description of applied by the Applicant management and control procedures for works similar to those required herein, Applicant’s HSE procedures, etc.:
4. List of personnel divided into particular categories and CVs of key personnel being at Applicant’s disposal for such type of works:
5. Is sub-contracting a general Applicant’s policy for such type of works / services:

(Applicant attaches hereunder full specifications of equipment proposed for execution of works being the subject of this prequalification)

PART IV – FINANCIAL (All data in US Dollars)
1. Applicant’s company Base Capital (stock):
2. Yearly value of works similar to those required herein completed by the Applicant during the last five years and anticipated value of said works to be completed during the current year:
3. Applicant’s financial statements for the last three years:
4. List of claims in relation to works similar to those required herein exceeding each US$ 100,000 (one hundred thousand US Dollars) for the last three years:
Names and addresses of Applicant’s main banks, being in the position to provide references concerning the Applicant
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