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Reference BID8055
Date 5/30/2009
Location Africa
Scope Issue Date: 30/05/2009
Bid Closing Date: June 12, 2009, by no later than 4:00 pm Libya time.
Address response: Occidental Libya Oil & Gas BV (Libyan Branch), Supply Chain and Contracts Administration Attention: Mr. Michael Williams, Omar Mukhtar Street Esterlab Building, 1st Floor, Tripoli, Libya (GSPLAJ)
Phone +218 21 335 1955 - Ext. 3729 / Fax: +218 21 335 1956
Email address:

Scope of Work:
Occidental Libya Oil & Gas BV (Libyan Branch) (OLOG) intends to solicit interest and pre-qualify Contractors offering Contractors, Accommodation and Support Services in preparation for currently anticipates a Q3/Q4 2009 start date with work through 2013.

Contractor must:
· Be a direct contractor
· Be currently registered in Libya.
· Have provided a majority of the services listed below within Libya for a minimum of the last 24 months
· Demonstrate a track record and ability to recruit/provide individuals with industry related experience, specialized in the following fields listed below:
1) Seismic Acquisition Project Coordinator
2) Seismic Acquisition Field QC (Quality Control)
3) Seismic Processing QC
4) Seismic Acquisition HES QC (health, environmental, safety)
5) Geophysicists (Parameter design)
6) Seismic Acquisition Geodedic Survey QC (Field and Office)
7) UXO consultants for Seismic Acquisition, QA/QC
8) Seismic Acquisition Technical Audit
9) Seismic Acquisition Archeology and QC
10) Contract Engineer/ Contracts Administration
11) Executive Assistant/Office Manager
12) Cost Control Associate/ Accounting
13) Operations Geologists (well site and/or office based)
14) Paleontologists (well site and/or office based)
15) HES (Safety Generalists, field, well site and/or office based)
16) Drilling Engineer
17) Construction Engineer (well site and/or office based) (well site construction, water well drilling, site remediation)
18) Drill Site Manager (DSM) and other related drill site disciplines
19) Warehouse / Logistics support (field and/or office based)
20) Security / Reception Staff
21) Related Functions required to support upstream exploration operations.

Please provide diagrams, pictures, names, numbers, references, specifications, certificates and any other material that will help to document that contractor can provide the following requirements with any submittal.
- CVs of qualified individuals for requested job descriptions along with demonstration of contractor approved representation.
- Provide all travel Services and travel coordination from point of origin to Tripoli and to the field.
- Meet and greet at airport
- Provide assistance through customs and passport control
- Provide Local Health Insurance acceptable to OLOG (Must meet International Expatriate Standards)
- Provide Medivac Insurance (no limit)
- Provide Liability insurance (Min $5,000,000 per event)
- Provide All Visas, passes, work permits, inoculations and immigration management
- Provide Desert Passes
- Police Registration
- Provide mobile phone for contractor.
- Provide Immigration assistance and transport to and from airport
- Pricing will be inclusive of All Taxes including stamp tax if applicable and will include
- All necessary Accountancy
- Upon request by OLOG or contractor, provide documentation of taxes paid.
- Provide simultaneous services for a minimum of 10 contractors in town and 10 in the field. In Town services would include the following:

. Provide Transport as needed (car and driver upon request) while in Tripoli
. Room and full board in Tripoli
. Laundry and cleaning services
. In room broadband internet services
. In room bathroom with toilet and shower
. Satellite TV, indoor and outdoor common recreations areas
. Exercise facilities
. All facilities, kitchen, food handlers, rooms and bathrooms must meet OLOG and international HES specifications
. Secure perimeter and 24hr onsite qualified security services
. International phone services
. Generator
. Contractors must provide the following information requested below with your submittals
. Full Contractor name and Commercial Registration Certificate issued by the Libyan General People’s Committee for the Economy, Trade and Investment.
. A valid Corporate Tax Certificate issued by the Libyan Tax Department.
. A valid Business license issued by the Libyan General People’s Committee for the Economy, Trade and Investment authorizing practice of business activity.
. Address and contact to which the pre-qualification package must be sent
. Details of Ownership/Corporate Organization
. Identify whether company is publically held, including details of Parent, Affiliate and Subsidiary companies.
. Organization chart of Libyan Branch and chart depicting the relationship between any parent or affiliate companies
. Provide the name of major shareholders in the company and their percentage of equity interest.
. Name of Managing Director or Owner.
. Full address of local affiliate office.
. Description of facilities, equipment, services, specifications, capabilities, limitations, and timing of resource availability.
. Documentation of experience providing these services in Libya. Please submit two (2) CV’s of contractors (no names) placed in Libya in the last 36 months within the positions below.
1) Seismic acquisition
2) Seismic processing
3) Geologists (well site / other)
4) UXO consultants, QA/QC
5) Drilling, (Drill Site Manager “DSM”) and other related drilling disciplines
6) HES (health, environmental, safety)
7) Contracts administration
Contracting Services
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