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Drilling & Well Services
Reference BID8136
Date 6/1/2009
Location Africa
Scope Bid Closing Date: 16 June 2009
Address: Sterling Global Oil Resources Limited, Plot 205, Abiola Segun Ajayi Street, Off Muri Okunola Street, V I Annex, Lagos.

Scope of Work:
Sterling Global Oil Resource Limited (SGORL) operator of the OPL 277 PSC invites interested and reputable vendors with relevant experience and capacity for the AGU MAIN Field Development Project in OPL 277 Block. The Work is expected to commence in Q3 2009. The work locations shall be within SGORL’s areas of operations in the Niger Delta. The estimated duration of this contract is two years with an option to extend it for one year.

Brief Description of Services and Supply of Materials:
A) Mud Products and Engineering (SGORL/DRL/3500002/09)
Vendor shall provide all mud chemicals; water / synthetic based / oil based mud systems and relevant additives. Vendor should be able to provide liquid mud plant and sufficient stocks of mud chemicals in country. Mud Engineering services shall be in accordance with the modern mud system and capable of participating in design, development and implementation of same.

B) Cementing and Pumping Services (SGORL/ DRL/3500003/09)
Vendor shall supply pumping facilities to perform primary, secondary, remedial cement jobs and circulation during well control operation. Vendor shall provide relevant equipment like cement pumping unit, batch mixer, bulk cement handling equipment. Vendor shall have facilities of lab testing for cement slurry and water sample, capable of design and develop cement programme.

C) Solid Control Services (SGORL/ DRL/3500004/09)
Vendor shall be able to provide solid control equipments including Shale Shakers, De-Sander, De-silter, Mud cleaner, Centrifuge etc for maintaining water / synthetic based / oil based mud systems along with personnel and all consumables.

D) Cuttings Treatment, Disposal and Waste Management Services (SGORL/ DRL/3500008/09)
Vendor shall be able to provide equipment, services and qualified personnel for Cuttings Treatment and Disposal services. Vendor should have logistics and workshop facility to take on the drill cutting and drilling mud of water/synthetic based / oil based mud systems. Treated cutting to be disposed off in a proper way as per DPR regulations and guidelines of Federal Ministry of Environment.

E) Downhole and Fishing Tools Services (SGORL/ DRL/3500009/09)
Vendor shall be able to provide drilling and fishing tools, services and qualified personal for vertical, deviated side tracked and / or horizontal wells:
- Complete set of drilling equipment i.e. drilling jars, accelerator, stabilizers etc with requite cross overs.
- Complete set of downhole fishing equipment for drilling and completion operations.

F) Casing and Tubular Running Services (SGORL/ DRL/3500010/09)
Vendor shall be able to supply equipment and services to handle, clean, drift and run casing and tubing pipes ranging from 2 7/8” to 20”.

G) Surface Well testing and Surface Sampling Services (SGORL/ EXP/3500011/09)
Vendor shall provide equipment, personnel and services for Surface Well Testing Operations, Surface Production Monitoring, surface Fluid Sampling and PVT analysis and Surface data Acquisition for gas and oil wells. Vendor shall provide Nitrogen and nitrogen pumping unit for well activation. Vendor shall provide filtration services, personnel and consumable for treating of completion fluids.

H) Slick Line Services (SGORL/ DRL/3500012/09)
Vendor shall provide equipment and experienced personnel for carrying slick line operation including setting and recovery of wireline plug, standing valves, sliding sleeves, gas lift valves, valve catcher etc.

I) Coil Tubing, Nitrogen and Simulation Services (SGORL/ DRL/3500013/09)
Vendor shall supply equipment, personnel and services to perform Coil Tubing Operations, Nitrogen and Simulation in live gas and oil wells.

J) Directional Drilling and MWD-LWD Services (SGORL/ EXP/3500014/09)
Vendor shall be able to provide following services for drilling vertical, deviated, horizontal and side track wells.
1- Complete set to perform directional drilling (mud motors, Rotary Steerable Systems, Stabilisers, etc.) to drill to requested inclination and azimuth.
2- Qualified directional drillers and MWD-LWD engineers.
3- Software and hardware for survey data management, well planning, anti-collision scanning, BHA behaviour prediction, torque and drag calculations and hydraulic calculations.
4- Measurement while drilling (MWD) tools and services (inclination, azimuth, tool face, gamma ray etc).
5- Logging while Drilling (LWD) tools and services (gamma ray, resistivity, density, neutron, sonic, formation pressure while drilling etc).
6- Complete set of North seeking Gyro equipment and other deviation monitoring equipment like MSS, EMS etc.
7- Qualified Gyro Surveyors.

K) Mud Logging Services (SGORL/ EXP/3500015/09)
Vendor should provide Computerized-Advanced Data Unit Mud Logging and Geological Services, including the personnel, consumables and surface equipment.

L) Wire Line Logging Services (SGORL/ EXP/3500016/09)
Vendor shall provide latest-generation technology for open hole and cased hole logging services. Vendor shall provide Wire Logging services which are applicable to water/synthetic based and oil based mud system. Vendor shall supply equipment, to perform Tubing Conveyed Perforations and Wire line Conveyed Perforations. Vendor shall provide tools and services to record logs in highly deviated and horizontal wells (TLC or equivalent). Also tools for free point location, tubing puncture and chemical cutters to be provided. High caliber personnel (engineers and operators) able to run any types of logs requested

M) Production Logging Services (SGORL/ EXP/3500017/09)
Contractor shall provide latest generation technology for cased hole through tubings services casing evaluation & production logging services with tractor tools. High caliber personnel to evaluate well flow properties and bottom hole conditions of the live gas and oil horizontal wells.

N) Supply of Drilling Bits (SGORL/ DRL/3500018/09)
Supply of Tricone Bits and PDC Bits on consignment basis.

O) Liner Hanger Services (SGORL/ DRL/3500019/09)
Vendor shall provide equipment, personnel and consumables to perform Liner Hanger Services

P) Supply of OCTG (SGORL/ DRL/3500020/09)
Supply of various sizes of casing, tubing and pupjoints as per API spec-5CT, API spec-5L (As per NCD guidelines all the Casing / Tubing pipes should be threaded in Nigeria. Non compliance will lead to disqualification)

Q) Supply of Wellheads & X-Mas Tree (SGORL/ DRL/3500021/09)
Supply of 5000psi and 10000psi wellhead and x-mas tree systems, spares for these systems as per API spec 6A and 6D.

Drilling & Well Services
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