60 Ton Crane Rough Terrain

Reference 3502/2011
Date 1/3/2011
Location Middle East
60 ton crane rough terrain. Quantity: 2

1. Engine: Diesel engine 6-cylinders. Turbo charger on line low smoke engine with flame arrester and tropical zone radiator.

2. Power: Max output power (150-250) HP.

3. Steering: (4X4) hydraulic steering system four wheel steering.

4. Boom: maximum working height should not be less than 42m (without using the fly jib).

5. Gears: Synchromesh manual gear only.

6. Wheel: All wheel drive with deferential axle lock.

7. Hooks: Complete set of hooks should be provided including fly jib hooks.

8. Out rigging: Four hydraulic telescoping single-stage double box beam outriggers with inverted jack and integral holding valves. Three position setting, 0%, 50% and fully extended. All steel fabricated, quick release type outrigger floats.

9. Drums: Main and auxiliary drum winches operated: by hydraulic pumps and by separated levers with auto brake on natural.

10. Control unit: Complete computer control system with digital monitor to operates the crane with full information in save and it should be included auto stop control unit with emergency signal in over load or dangerous position(the system should contain remote control to operate the carne in critical area and could eliminate the computer system control in treble shooting and overloading .

11. Swing cabin: 360degrees rotating cabin with wide windows for prefect looking with air conditioning and heating system(driving and operating the crane from the same cabin).

12. Recovery winch: (drag line) should be fabricated on front of the swing cabin operated by separated lever either from the hydraulic winch or by the auxiliary drum.

13. Brake system: dry disk dual air line system with parking brake system.

14. All counter weight should be provided if available.

15. Electrical system: 24V two battery with cut off main switch.

16. Work area definition system: the system should contain "virtuals walls" that will alert the operator when approaching the limits of the pre-set working area.

17. Complete fly jib with its entire component offsets at 0°, 25° and 45°.

18. Automatic Central grease unit.


1. Tool box with special tools.
2. Spare tyre.
3. Two Removable lights on the front of the swing cabin and the main boom.
4. Recommended spar parts for two years work and should be not less than 15% of the contract price (should be includes two wire robes).
5. Auxiliary lighting package (includes cab mounted amber flashing light, hoist mounted work lights, and dual base boom mounted floodlights).
6. Only grove, liebherr and tadano will be accepted.
7. Cab controlled cross axle differential locks, (front and rear)
8. 6 person training program should be provided in the manufacturer country for two weeks.
9. Loading chart and operating and maintenance manual (preferred CD disk with maintenance and operation information).
10. Search light with 10m-wire length.
11. Injection grease tool.
12. Emblem of the company should be marked on both side of the crane.
Notes: -
•Maximum time for receiving the machine must be 5 months.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 1% from submitted prices
Documents Price ID 150 000
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