Mini crane

Reference 3509/2011
Date 1/3/2011
Location Middle East
# 2 Mini crane

Engine: diesel engine four stroke water cooling and tropical
Zone radiator and max output power (20-30).

Crawler: crawler rubber sprocket only.

Lifting capacity: maximum lifting capacity should be (2.5-3) ton and 0.5 ton pick and carry.

Steering: hydraulic steering and should be controlled by means of levers.

Booms: Telescopic booms of max height (10-12) m.

Speed: hydraulic motor step less speed changer with low and high travel speed.

Remote control: wire and wireless remote control system.

Hook: all hooks should be provided.

Brake: hydraulic disc brake.

Outrigger: interlock system extension and set up by Hydraulic cylinder.

Control system: programmable moment limiter with tilt sensor
Alarm and lcd for loading and outrigger system.

Accessories: -

Removable light on telescopic boom.
Tool box.
Recommended spare part for two years work including two crawler rubber and should not be less than 15% of the tender price.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 1% from submitted prices
Documents Price ID 50 000
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