Hydraulic Excavator

Lifting & Handling Equipment
Reference SOM: 64.10.5050.01
Date 1/27/2011
Location Middle East
# 1 Hydraulic excavator size (50 CM)
Origin: Western Europe

- Type: Water –cooled, 4 cycles, 6 cylinders, line type direct injection, Intercooler, diesel engine
- Power: 153HP/114KW/2000 rpm
- Max.Torque: 590Nm/1500rpm
- Displacement: 5.86 litres
- Bore and stroke: 104*115mm

Lower Structure (Chassis)
- Chassis: Box shaped, reinforced lower chassis, front dozer blade and
Rear outriggers (stabilizers) as standard figure
- Axles: The pivot pin mounted front axle allow s two
- Options: 16° Oscillation (8 in each direction) for best matching conditions or could be locked at any desired position for perfect stability.
- Tires: 10.00-20 (14pr)

- High capacity air condition.
- Reduced vibration and noise transfer with 6 silicon oil & rubber Cab mounting
- Ergonomically designed operations multi-adjustable seat.

Swing System
- Engine: Axial piston type integrated with shock absorber Valves
- Reduction: 2 stage planetary gear box
- Swing Brakes: Hydraulic multi disc type.
- Swing Speed: 11.4 rpm.

Travel and Brakes
- Travel: fully hydrostatic.
Travel motors: Axial piston type
- Reduction: 2 stage planetary gear.
Travel speed:
- High Speed: 25Km/h.
- Lower Speed: 6.5Km/h.
Max. Drawbar pull: 13.900kgf
- Grade ability: 35 (0/0 70).
- Service Brake: Independent front/rear style (double circuit) Hydraulic power brake system. Pressure Engaged/spring released type. Located on hub for ideal stability and safety.

Hydraulic System
- Type: Double variable displacement axial piston Pumps.
- Max. Flow: 2*224 lt/min.
Pilot pump: gear 19 lt/min.

Relief valves
- Attachment (boom, Arm, Bucket):330 Kgf/cm².
- Power Boost: 350 Kgf/cm².
- Travel: 350 Kgf/cm².
- Swing: 240 Kgf/cm².
- Pilot: 40 Kgf/cm².

- Main boom: 125*85*1.325.mm.
- Stick cylinder: 140*100*1.640mm.
- Bucket cylinder: 125*85*1.060mm.

Steering System
- The arbitral type steering system controls a steering cylinder located on the front axle. Minimum turning radius is 6900mm.

- Fuel Tank: 365 lt
- Transmission: 3.2lt.
- Hydraulic Tank: 180 lt.
- Engine Oil: 16.4lt.
- Hydraulic system: 310lt.
- Radiator: 27lt.
- Swing Reducer: 5lt.

Electrical System
Voltage: 24vdc
Battery: 2*12*120AH.
Alternator: 24v/50A.
Starting motor: 5Kw.

- Centralized lubrication system is provided for lubricating all difficult- to- reach parts on the components, such as boom and arm.

Operating Weight
- 21.600Kg.

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Bid Bond 1% from submitted prices
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