Automatic In-Line Lube Oil Blending Unit

Process Plant
Reference 3571/2011
Date 3/23/2011
Location Middle East
The company intends to install an automatic in-line lube oil blending unit of 40m3/hr capacity at its Daura Refinery.

Bidders are requested to offer breakdown prices for the scope of:

1- Engineering design.

2- Procurement and supply of equipment and materials.

3- Field construction and erection works.

4- Supervision of civil works (civil works shall be carried out by the owner, civil design and supervision shall be the responsibility of the contractor).

5- Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up activities.

6- Third party inspection (site and field).

7- Specific training of daura refinery personnel.

Lube oil blending unit
Process requirements:

The compamy intends to install automatic in-line blending lube oil unit complete with accessories & recommended spare parts with design capacity of 40m3/hr.This unit shall be designed to produce five types of finished lube oils.

The existing process units produce various base oils that must be blended with suitable additives to manufacture finished oil in the new blending unit.

There are three main types of base oils which shall be supplied to the battery limit of the new blending unit from the existing tanks near by through five main headers (each of 4 inch diameters). Two of them from lube no 3, which is 750 meter away from the location.

There are three base types of additives which shall be supplied to the battery limit of the new blending unit from the existing tank near by , through three separated headers ( each of 4 inch diam.) .( as shown in the plot plan drawing) . Another additional special of additives (4types) must be blended with a certain quantity. Therefore the new blending unit shall include facilities like:

- Hot box for additives to heat additive barrels (of 200 lit capacity.).

- Pumps for emptying special additive barrels.

- tanks or vessel for special additives supplied with heating coils & mixers .

- Pumps for blending special additives.
- Pumps for emptying the main type additives.
The finish product shall be sent to the exiting tanks near by new blending unit. Some products sent to tanks 750 (m) far away from the site.

1- Basis of Desgin

1- The characteristics of base oils to be used in blending unit are specified in the following table:

- Base oils: Spindale / Specific –gravity at 15.6 c: 0.84 / Viscosity (cst) at 100º c: 2.5 - 3.5/ Viscosity Index (min): 95 / Pour Point º c (max): -3

- Base oils: SAE- 30 / Specific –gravity at 15.6 c: 0.88/ Viscosity (cst) at 100º c: 7 – 9.5/ Viscosity Index (min): 95 / Pour Point º c (max): +3

- Base oils: Bright stock / Specific –gravity at 15.6 c: 0.907/ Viscosity (cst) at 100º c: 28-30 / Viscosity Index (min): 95 / Pour Point º c (max): +3

1-2 Additive Specification:
Specific –gravity at 15.6 ºc = 1.0
Viscosity (cst) at 100 ºc = 100 - 300
Flash point º c = 140 min

1-3 Special additive characteristics:
Viscosity (cst ) at 100 ºc = 1800 typical
Flash ( c.o.c ) ºc = 200 min

1-4 Lube oil specification:
The finished products shall be grouped into the following categories:
- Passenger cars engine oils.
- Commercial diesel engine oils.
- Diesel engine oils.
- Hydraulic & turbine oils.
- Other industrial oils.

The general characteristics that shall taken into account during all design phases are:

Specific –gravity at 15.6º c = 0.84 - 0.92
Viscosity (cst) at 100 º c = 5 - 30
Flash point ( c .o.c ) º c = 180 – 390 min
Viscosity hndex = 95-140

1-5 0perating & design conditions:

The base oils shall be supplied to the new blending unit from existing tanks by gravity at a maximum temp. Of 90 º c.

The basic additives shall be pumped to B .L from the existing tanks (supplied with steam heating coil) at a temp. 40 -60 ºc (as shown in the plot plan drawing)

The special additives shall be pumped at 90 º c.There are other tanks for base oils located far away750 (m) from location, pumped to the battery limit.

1-6 operating feature:

1-6-1: The blending unit shall be designed to produce the previously quantity and quality of finished lube oils as mentioned with capacity of 6000 m³/yr (40 m³ /hr).

1-6-2: Base oil blending pumps are required within the scope of supply.

1-6-3: Pumps for the blending basic additive are required within the scope of supply.

1-6-4: Dehydration unit for lube oils is required within the scope of supply to reduce
Water content of finished oil to 100 ppm.

1-6-5: Lube oils cooler (for cooling lube oils to about 30º c), is required within the
Scope of supply.

1-6-6: Continuous viscometer for lube oils (the outlet of the automatic blender) & base oil headers are required within the scope of supply.

1-6-7: Two drums (containers) for special additives with capacity of 15m³ each are within scope of supply.

1-6-8 Mixers for special additives drums are required.

1-6-9 Pumps for emptying barrels are required.

1-6-10 Pumps for blending special additives with capacity are required.

1-6-11 Electrical air compressor with capacity suitable for plant consumption
+20%excess is required.

1-6-12 Hot box efficient for heating 40 bl/hr from ambient temp. To 80c is required.

1-6-13 Sump drum, ejector, pump is required.

1-6-14 Control room is required.

1-6-15 Building for employers is required.

1-6-16 All the plant & equipments must be blanket with nitrogen .the exist N2-line & required line is shown in the attachment.

1-6-17 Complete interlock system shall be used to protect all pumps & equipment by using press. , flow, level switch …..etc.

1-6-18 Any additional instruments & equipments required, associated with the plant
design .

1-6-19 Test run for all plant must achieve successfully.

1-6-20 Training in site, & in origin country of manufacturers required.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 1% from submitted prices
Offer Validity 120 days
Documents Price ID 1 500 000
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