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Inspection & Surveillance Services
Reference BID900863
Date 8/1/2011
Location Africa
Scope Successful contractor shall provide specialist inspection QA/QC Services associated with the Egina Field Development Project. Such services will cover the temporary provision of Inspection and Surveillance Services for quality assurance and quality control monitoring of Work Packages. These will include Contractors' construction, manufacturing and test facilities (including its subcontractors and equipment vendor’s facilities) geographically spread in the country.

Contractor shall provide to company a specialist inspection and surveillance service on an “as required” basis, which could be for irregular occasions or on a daily basis for a specified duration of time. the types of specialist inspection and surveillance service that are envisaged are as follows: quality assurance auditor, welding and ndt inspector, coating/painting inspector, structural/piping/mechanical inspector, pipeline, rotating equipment, instrument, electronic control modules systems, metallurgical investigation (both site and laboratory based) the specialist inspection and surveillance services required will principally comprise of quality control inspection and surveillance activities which are defined as:

a) Quality Surveillance: verification and monitoring of the state of procedures, methods and execution conditions to ensure that specified requirements for quality are being fulfilled.

b) Management System Audits: systematic evaluation of objective evidence that a management system is in place, being implemented and is effective, usually conducted by persons considered to be of sufficient independence.

c) Technical Audit: systematic evaluation of design output or technical performance of a product or service, usually conducted by a peer group of equal competency.

d) Document or Data Review: systematic check of information or data against specified requirements.

e) Inspection, check or examination: physical measurement or confirmation of the process, product or service, to ensure that the specified attributes or requirements have been achieved.

f) Witness of Test: observe a demonstration that a process, product or service meets the design performance requirements, whilst under stated operational conditions and loads.

g) Attendance at contractors' vendor pre-manufacturing meetings: to observe the contractors' system for ensuring the readiness of vendors to commence manufacture of the specified equipment.

h) Attendance at specified expediting and manufacturing completion meetings: to assist the company in establishing or confirming the progress of manufacturing at any particular stage specified by company.

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