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Train 3 RE-SIL Study
Safety Equipment/Supplies
Reference ITT/RG31/S122/11
Date 12/21/2011
Location Middle East
Scope The tender to complete SIL study on train 3 for all safety instrumented functions (SIFs). Duration of the Contract shall be Twelve (12) months from the Effective Date of the Contract. This study shall be conducted in accordance with the standard “Functional Safety: Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector (ANSI/ISA-84.00.01-2004).”

- Train 3
The Safety Integrity Level (SIL) study for Train 3 contains an estimated 900 process safety instrumented functions (SIFs).
The SIL Study will involve the following sub-tasks:
1- Preparation of SIL Assignment worksheet prior to workshop
2- Facilitate and record SIL assignment workshop
3- Spurious Trip Scenario Review workshop
4- Perform SIL verification calculations
5- HIPPS evaluation study.
6- Report generation and finalization

Facilitation of the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assignment shall address the following process areas:
• Process area ( Inlet facilities, AGR & LNG)
• Acid Gas Injection unit (AGI)
• Utilities and Offsite

- Scope SIL verification
Following SIL assignment, Tr3 scope study will involve the contractor modeling the SIFs using fault tree analysis to determine if the proposed instrumentation meets the target SIL using a client-provided functional testing interval as the base case.
Any failure rate data (required for SIL verification) not supplied by the Purchaser shall be obtained from appropriate databases or referenced from applicable industry sources.
- Deliverables
The scope of work includes the preparation of a report documenting the SIL assignment workshop and the SIS performance evaluation. The SIS evaluation report will include the following:
- Assignment of Target Safety Integrity Levels (SILs)
1) Methodology
2) Target Safety Integrity Levels (SILs)
3) Worksheets including documentation details of Independent Protection Layers and their associated risk reduction for each evaluated scenario
4) SIL assignment sheets shall duly document the basis of concluding the severity of each of the consequences viz - Safety, Public, Environment and Financial impact. Particularly, Financial impact shall be supported by a brief description of the scenario discussed.
5) Pushbutton functions need not be SIL assessed. Assign SIL 1 as default for all pushbutton functions but exclude from verification.
6) Primary output assignment for each SIF shall be done during the SIL assessment with team concurrence
7) Separate report for spurious analysis is issued
8) Soft copy of the assignment sheets.

- SIL Verification
1) Methodology utilized to analyze the Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs)
2) Verification FTA Models ( Hard and Soft copies )
3) Description of the Safety Instrumented Systems under investigations, including:
a) Safety Function
b) Target Safety Integrity Level
c) SIS Architecture
d) Planned SIS testing interval
4) Results of the analysis:
a) The probability to fail on demand
i) Base Case Evaluation: Base case calculations are based on design depicted on P&IDs and Cause & Effects
(1) The base case availability (%), PFD, and SIL
(2) The percent contribution of the various field elements to the probability to fail on demand
ii) Alternative Case Evaluation (limited to two alternative case per SIF):
(1) Recommendations for any necessary SIS modifications, including:
(2) Safety instrumented system architecture
(3) Proof testing frequency
(4) The availability and SIL of the options presented to achieve target SIL

- Spurious Trip Scenario Review
1) Methodology
2) Recommendations
The SIL assignment worksheets shall be available to the company for review within 2 weeks after completion of SIL assignment workshop.

- HIPPS study
HIPPS evaluation study shall be performed for Pressure let down station and Fuel gas system for Propane and MR compressors.
The report shall be issued in a draft form electronically in PDF format for review and comments.

- Final Report:
A final report shall be issued with two bound copies and an electronic file of true soft copy shall be provided.

Contractor to Provide:
Contractor’s responsibility in respect of performance of Services to be provided under this Contract shall include, but not be limited to, the following:-
4-1 Provision of valid work visas, residence permit, driving license, admission badges and other mandatory authorizations of Governments or local bodies that may from time to time be required. It shall be Contractor’s responsibility to provide transportation, vehicle, accommodation, mobile communication, H2S, BA, and PTW trainings, welfare and medical examinations of its own personnel as required in section 7.0 – SHE Requirements,
4-2 Be responsible for the formality of application, administration and processing of security passes (vehicles and personnel) for admission to Ras Laffan Industrial City and RasGas facilities for his personnel, if required.
4-3 Provision of both normal & emergency medical treatment for its personnel. Contractor can use RasGas facilities (emergency line, phones, etc) to make arrangements.
4-4 Contractor to provide, operate and maintain suitable vehicles to transport his personnel to and from RasGas Site. All running costs including fuel and consumables shall be to Contractor’s account, if required.
4-5 Contractor personnel shall not leave the area of the site during working hours without prior approval of RasGas representative. For reasons that help to perform the maintenance and/or troubleshooting Contractor personnel is allowed to leave the area with the permission of RasGas. In the event of personal emergencies Contractor will only inform RasGas about it but will not wait for the acceptance of RasGas.
4-6 Contractor’s personnel provided under this Contract shall record the daily time sheet which shall be signed off through RasGas authorized representative.
4-7 Contractor shall provide all necessary safety and emergency equipment including all equipment necessary to deal with incidents. Contractor shall provide coveralls, helmets, boots and other personal safety/protective equipment, as required by his personnel, to the satisfaction of RasGas refer to Section 7.0 – SHE Requirements,.

Company to provide:
5-1 Assistance to obtain gate passes, if required.
5-2 Out of hours access, if required.
5-3 Work front and Permit to work, if required.
5-4 Company shall provide safety Induction Training for personnel (Approx. 2 hrs. duration) at commencement of Works, if required.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond US$ 40,000
Safety Equipment/Supplies
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