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Reference 7-2011
Date 1/15/2012
Location Middle East
Scope Objective:
The project on turnkey basis for providing and installing and operating UPS system in power plant according to the study made by RUBING company, the project include:
1- Providing and installing UPS system in power plant as following:
- replace the four UPS units (rectifier + inverter) by new one.
- replace the STATIC SWITCH.
- replace BATTERIES
2- Display method

A- Technical Requirements for New UPS
- Four UPS units should connected in parallel between each other and with the static switch (as the attached drawings)
- UPS designed as per IEC standards or equivalent
- The proposed UPS is of industrial grade.
- Communication interface: (RS 232/485)
1- UPS resources:
- Number of resources: 4
- Capacity of one resource: 80 KVA
- Input voltage: 3x380V±10%,50HZ
- Output voltage: 3x380V ± 10%, 50Hz
- Power factor: 0.8
- Shape of voltage curve: sinusoidal
- Number of phases: 3+N
- Overload capacity: 150%/ 1min. 125% / 10min
2- Static by-pass switch:
- Nominal Input voltage: 3x380V±10%,
- Frequency: 50HZ ± 5%
- Nominal Input power: 320 KVA
3- Batteries:
- Mode of the batteries NICD
- Capacity: 500 Ah for every UPS unit.
- Batteries are mounted in the old place beside inverter room.
- Battery bank function: to allow 2.1 hour operation ( after feeding failure on the network 380 V )
Operation method (starts and stops)
- Local: from the front panel of every UPS
- control room (from PC)

B- Monitoring way:
1- Local digital monitoring on the front panel for each inverter as well the technical chart and photo diode to display the real time parameters also leds for alarm and fault cases , and buttons to browse the technical situation of UPS elements
Monitoring in the control room by one PC suitable to work 24 hours a day (special with high duty stations) and it should have at least the following specifications:
-Screen 21" LC D at least.
- Lazar mouse with USB.
- Ram 2 GB
- Hard ware 160 GB at least.
- Key board USB.
- DVD driver reading, typing
- Separated speakers for alarming.
3- XP operating system or higher.

The applied program should have at least the following specifications:

1- The installed program on PC should be original.
2- Provided with a special window for every signal. The widow shows all the details of signals with the possibility to adjust the variables of controlling.
3- The graphic diagrams should indicate any fault for any signal.
4- There should be flashing signals (flashing light) which indicates to alarm.
5- To display the alarms in easy call lists which should contain all required data to appoint alarm , number of signal , type of signal and all necessary data .
6- To generate audio alarm from speakers installed on monitoring PC, the value of alarm and protection parameters will be determined during installation.
7- To create a fault when any fault happened in the components of the system where be monitored in separate list.
8- To provide a way to know or delete the alarm or to stop the audio alarm.
9-The possibility to display and print the reports which have been recorded in dates and times chosen by the operator (starting and finishing)

C- Accessories of System:
1- Colored laser printer to print the reports, the printer has the ability to share with a net.
2- Modem laptop for set up loading and programming purpose.
3- Suitable conditioning for inerter room according to the technologic operation condition.
4- Fan for each inverter cabinet.
5- Suitable table and comfortable chair.

D- Spare parts:
1- The bidder should submit spare parts lists, for five years operation, un priced within the technical offer and another priced ones within the financial offer, H.R.C. keeps the right to choose suitable items during the technical study.
- Frequency: 50HZ

Bidding Information

Bid Bond Euro 32500
Electrical Supplies
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