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Lease of CT Scanner
Computer Hardware, Electronics
Reference HT094MS12
Date 2/6/2012
Location Middle East
Scope Lease of CT scanner for the company hospital.
Work duration: five (5) Years

CT Scan Specifications:

- 640 Multislice CT; 320 detectors
- Acquire volumetric data at high speed with superb spatial resolution;
- Remote gantry control;
- CT gantry controls > front of CT housing;
- Programmable protocols for the different applications;
- Scan delay time;
- CT angiography package;
- 3D image processing and display package;
- Additional clinical application > 3D, multi view MPR, Dose wise, Cardiovascular package, Dental, Virtual Colonography, Bone mineral analyst, Functional CT;
- Image reconstruction time minimum – minimum 4 slices/second;
- FOV up to 50 cm.;
- Automated Dosage Control;
- High contrast spatial resolution – minimum 17.5 IP/CN at 0%MTF;
- X-ray generator range- 80 to 140 KVP;
- Gantry diameter minimum- 70 cm.;
- Wide range table movement;
- Dicom retrieve, storage, print, etc.; and
- Suitable automated control injector.
- Laser Printer
- Diagnostic Work Station
- A Multi Detector Computed Tomography (MDCT) unit, incorporating the latest technology to perform a wide variety of routine clinical examinations, as well as the advanced up to date applications and always upgradable as required.
- The clinical Images should be of maximum quality at a minimal amount of Radiation.
- The number of detectors required is 320 detectors.
- The unit should be of high speed rotation, rapid data acquisition and short Scan Times.
- Low dose Techniques with high quality Images and the patient exposure dose reported and dose index value display.
- A wide gantry diameter to accept obese patients.
- The clinical applications should include:-Coronary CTA Package, Lung Nodule package, Brain Perfusion Package, Virtual Colonoscopy Package, CTA for different Body vessels with subtraction, 3D Reconstruction images of high quality, etc.
- Advanced software applications and Work stations of the highest quality.
- All needed DICOM facilities to be integrated with the PACS System and the Radiologists Work stations, 3 license are required.
- Dual source Injector for the contrast and the saline for the contrast required examinations especially Coronary CTA & Dynamic studies.
- Automatic Carbon-dioxide insufflation system for Virtual Colonoscopy.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond US$30,000.00
Computer Hardware, Electronics
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