P/F SSHI - MAN B&W Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine
Reference KCS-8540698/B629
Date 10/29/2012
Location Asia
Parts for "Sshi-Man B&W" Diesel Engine,
Model 12v32/40, Ser. Sb12v32-2318,
750 Rpm, 7507/5520 Kw., 12 Cyl.
Ref. Ssangyong Heavy Ind. Co. Ltd.,Korea
Location Tondgooian Petrochemical Co.

Item 01
Pistion Compression Ring A
Quantity: 14

Item 02
Pistion Compression Ring B
Quantity: 28

Item 03
Pistion Scraper Ring
Quantity: 14

Item 04
Valve Seat Insert For Inlet
Quantity: 2

Item 05
Valve Seat Insert For Exh.
Quantity: 2

Item 06
Valve Guide (With Round Seal Ring) (Tnd)
Quantity: 2

Item 07
Inlet Valve, Compl.
Quantity: 1

Item 08
Exh. Valve, Compl.
Quantity: 1

Item 09
Way Sol.Valve
Quantity: 1

Item 10
Press. Reduction Valve
Quantity: 1

Item 11
Plunger W/Barrel For Fuel Inj. Pump
Quantity: 2

Item 12
Fuel Inj. Valve Complete
Quantity: 2

Item 13
Fuel Inj. Nozzle W/Needle & Guide
Quantity: 41

Item 14
Round Sealing For Fuel Inj. Valve
Quantity: 52

Item 15
Seal & Round Seal For Cyl. Head
Quantity: 2

Item 16
Sealing Material
Quantity: 2

Item 17
Round Seal Ring For Anchor Bolt
Quantity: 4

Item 18
Round Seal Ring Bet. Piston Top&Under Part (Tnd)
Quantity: 12

Item 19
Seal Ring Between Cyl. Liner & Head
Quantity: 12

Item 20
Honning Stone
Quantity: 12

Item 21
Round Seal For Cyl. Head
Quantity: 16

Item 22
Seal Reng For Cyl. Head Cover
Quantity: 12

Item 23
Seal Ring For Crankcase Cover
Quantity: 24

Item 24
No 12 Seal Ring For Safety Valve
Quantity: 12

Item 25
No 12 Service Kit For Valve Rotat. Device (Tnd)
Quantity: 12

Item 26
Valve Rotating Device, Inlet Valve
Quantity: 12

Item 27
No 28 Round Seal Ring F/Valve Guide,Inlet Valve (Tnd)
Quantity: 28

Item 28
Ball Bearing, Deep Groove Axial
Quantity: 12

Item 29
Axial Bearing, Complete
Quantity: 12

Item 30
Round Seal Ring F/Valve Guide,Exh. Valve (Tnd)
Quantity: 64

Item 31
Ceramic Filter Element

Item 32
Gasket For Control Piston Starting Air Pilot Valve
Quantity: 12

Item 33
Round Seal Ring/Seal Ring F/Start. Valve (Tnd)
Quantity: 6

Item 34
Seal Ring For Main Starting Valve
Quantity: 2

Item 35
Baffle Screw W/Seal Ring Inj. Pump (Tnd)
Quantity: 44

Item 36
Seal Ring For Inj. Pump Element (Tnd)
Quantity: 4

Item 37
Scavaning Filter, Oil Mist Detector
Quantity: 8

Item 38
Air Filter For Press. Reduc. Valve
Quantity: 4

Item 39
Piston Seal Set For Buffer Piston
Quantity: St 4

Item 40
Seal For Buffle Piston
Quantity: 4

Item 41
Round Seal Ring For Inj. Pipe
Quantity: 12

Item 42
Round Seal Ring F/Supply&Return (Tnd)
Quantity: 2

Item 43
Gasket for Bearing Casingt/C
Quantity: 2

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Diesel Engine
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