Import Dispensers and Refuellers - Extension Announcement

Tank Truck
Reference BID902668
Date 11/18/2013
Location Africa
Extension Announcement of pre-qualification to companies specialized in manufacturing to import several dispensers and refuellers.

*Required Documents
A- Legal Documents:-

1-Official Commercial Company’s Name.
2-Memorandum and articles of association of the Company.
3-Company Registration Certificates.
4-Company Official address including Phones, Faxes, E-mail and Web Sites.
5-Management Board Members names, Positions, Phones, Faxes and E-mails for each member.
6-Copy of Passports or ID Cards of the Directors.
7- Company detailed presentation letter.

B- Financial Documents:-

1-Full detailed financial report during last three years approved by Auditing Office including Company Capital, profit and sales volume.
2-List of three main Banks with contact names phones, Faxes and E-mails.
3- Recommendation letter from main banker confirming operational and financial performance.
C-Commercial Documents :-
1-Full detailed report including company commercial activities during last three years for production.
2- Quality &inspection certificates.
3- Refueling system parts manufacturer’s list.
4-Vehicules production rate per year.
5-Refuelling system parts manufacturer’s list.

Note: All above documents should be approved from Libyan Embassy at Company Homeland.-All the related documents are to be submitted in a closed envelop headed to Brega Procurement Committee Office at Tripoli Airport Road, behind Tripoli terminal - Building of Financial Department.

For further information please contact :
Procurement Committee Office Direct Line 00218 21 3622496 Or Through Operator:-00218212203501-5&0021821214803010-14 Ext :14404-5-6

Bidding Information

Tank Truck
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