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Providing of Comprehensive & Integrated Logistic Support Service
Project Logistics
Reference BID902760
Date 1/30/2014
Location Africa
Scope Provision of Comprehensive and Integrated Logistic Support Service to Fully Manage Material Handling, Storage and Transportation Inside Tripoli Port
Eni North Africa B.V. Libyan Branch (ENINA), wish to verify the availability inside Tripoli Port of a comprehensive logistic support service for material temporary storage and handling with a dedicated or assigned jetty where to load/offload company vessels. The service should be able to supply, in case of need, custom clearance, shipping agency, water supply and fuel supply activities (not mandatory).
The needed services for the offshore activities will be performed in accordance with the general terms and main technical specifications set forth below:

1) General Terms:
- Commencement date (Availability): 2nd Half 2014.
- Total Expected duration of the operations: 2 years.
- Immediate availability of dedicated, assigned jetty for entrance at Tripoli port of the company vessels that guarantees a direct berth to the jetty without any stand by waiting for the entrance authorization (Minimum Requirement).

2) Technical Specification:
- Operate inside Tripoli Port: Port authorization
- Operational area for temporarily (max 24/48 hours) storing material before loading on board of vessels and trucks: 500 sqm
- Crane(s) / Hydra(s) for yard operations and for loading/unloading of vessels at the berth: n. 1 30/40 Ton – n. 1 80/100 Ton
- Forklift(s) for yard operations: n. 1 3/5 Ton – n. 1 10/12 Ton
- Berth length: 100 mt
- Berth depth: 7,5 mt
- Offshore waste containers / cutting skips for solids and various liquids: 5
- Suitable sets of slings 2 slings - various type/size, fully certified and maintained: 10

You must assure the full availability of the relevant services for the aforesaid period.

The Scope of Work (SoW) is to provide Company with a comprehensive service to fully manage its need for material handling, temporarily storage and transportation in order to timely accomplish Offshore Drilling activities.
The purpose of the Scope of Work is to pay on a daily / weekly / monthly basis for the availability of the equipment, the handling (loading and offloading through dedicated jetty and area) of COMPANY’s equipment and materials on/from COMPANY’s supply vessel; in addition (if available) personnel operating as per Company requirements, and on call basis, for the provisions of defined agency services (Statutory Clearances, Custom Clearances, Marine Agency Services).

Contractor shall detail following information:
1) Location and extension of the available area at present status, berth length and depth.
2) List of ancillary services already available with the proposed handling services
3) Main Technical Specification in accordance with provision of Appendix D.
4) Name and address of the person to whom, tender documentation shall be sent in case of pre-inquiry positive result.
ENINA will review the information provided by each vendor and determine whether or not it meets ENI NA main requirements.
This evaluation will be conducted at ENINA’s sole discretion and will be under no obligation of any kind to explain the results of its evaluation.
If requested, except for its partners in the subject operations, ENINA will maintain said information confidential.
This is not a bid invitation and therefore it does not represent or constitute a promise, obligations or commitment of any kind for ENINA to enter into any agreement with any Contractor participating in this pre enquiry.

The Services to be carried out as per Company instruction and shall include, but not limited to:
· CONTRACTOR shall ensure the access to the Port and Jetties in order to allow the prompt, smooth and safe loading / unloading of COMPANY’s equipment and materials on/from COMPANY’s supply vessels as required from time to time (mandatory);
· Contractor to provide an operating open space inside the port area of Tripoli to support the day-by-day operations of the drilling rig (mandatory);
· The shore base/open area should have access to one wharf/jetty of approx 100 mt. lengths and a water depth of approximately 7,5 mt. to berth the Company’s directly / indirectly hired AHTS / supply vessels and to provide loading/offloading operations (mandatory);
· Contractor to provide all logistic support services during the drilling campaign to operate the shore base, but not limited to the following: provision of skilled personnel, materials equipment handling, loading/offloading operations, security services, cleaning operation, interface with all Statutory Regulatory Authorities and Agencies, transportation services for material and personnel, and all on call basis services in order to maintain a safety and smooth drilling operation as per Company requirements (not mandatory);
· Contractor to provide suitable telecommunication equipment (VHF radio, marine radio, mobile phones, etc), to maintain continuous contact with all offices, yard, and vessels (not mandatory);
· Overall handling of drilling materials, mainly tubular and wellheads, at their arrival to the harbor up the loading on the truck and/or vice versa (mandatory);
· Contractor to provide, if requested, to execute Marine Shipping Agency Services to the Company’s directly / indirectly hired AHTS / supply vessels (not mandatory);
· Receiving back of the not utilized material: stevedoring ex supply vessels/ships/larges, inland haulage, offloading, loading of trucks sorting (mandatory).
Contractor shall provide drawings and specifications of the available facilities and utilities, showing:
· Operating area and working berth layout and dimensions;
· Layout and drawings of offices, and / or container office;
· Access road(s);
· Facilities and utilities installed (contractor to specify water and fuel transfer facilities installed), if any;
· Location of floodlight;
· Any open storage area surface (sq. meters) where temporarily store the material before loading on board of AHTS;
· Temporary storage of chemical, hazardous material, temporary storage of waste products, waiting for disposal.

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Project Logistics
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