Supply of Air Compressor Skid Mounted

Compressors, Air
Reference 93-13-4516
Date 2/5/2014
Location Middle East
Supply of QTY=2, air compressor skid mounted installed on Flat lorry as the following specification: -

A: compressor specification:
1.1 Type: Gardener Denver, Ingersoll-Rand, Worthington, or atlas coplo. Piston type air-to-air heat exchanger water-cooled.
1.2 Capacity: Flow rate not less than 350 SCFM at 35 Psi.
1.3 Drive: Driven through power takeoff by belts.
1.4 tanks (9-10) cubic feet fabricated according to ASTM to 40 Psi.
1.5 Skid: Fabricated from I beam steel structure
1.6 Power: Compressor powered by Diesel engine type caterpillar with suitable power to drive compressor. Water-cooled.
1.7 The above compressor installed on flat lorry.
1.8 Accessories: Check valve size 3'' installed on air tank, manifold provided with three out let ports 2'' completed with gate valve 2’’, discharge hose 2'' not less than 10 meters (three pieces.) for each compressor assembly with suitable hummer union size 2’’.

B: Flat Lorry specification:
1.9 Engine: Tropicalized water cooled system, max ambient temp 60 ? C 4 cycle, 6 cylinder, direct injection, turbo charged, diesel engine, max horse power not less than 400 HP, fuel system should be furnished with water separator.
1.10 Transmission: Manual synchromesh (14-16) speed forward of (1-2) reverse
1.11 Clutch: Single plate with HYD . Clutch control of adjusting.
1.12 Brake system: Dual – Circuit compressed air brake system with air dry.
1.13 Parking Brake: spring loaded Brake acting on the rear wheels.
1.14 Electric system: 24 V. heavy duty, two batteries.
1.15 Wheel configuration: 6X4
1.16 Cabin: All steel welded, long cabin with A/C and Radio cassette.
1.17 Suspension: Semi-elliptic leaf spring with shock absorbers.
1.18 Tire: 1200 X 20 18 pr or any size available with one-piece rim.

1.19 Others :
? laminated windshield Glass.
? Fire extinguisher.
? Toolbox with recommended tools.
? Hydraulic jack.
? Set of spare parts catalogue.
? 3 Set of service manual catalogue.
? Tire inflating hose with pressure gauge.
? Spare tire.
? Wheel spanner.
? Safety triangle.
? Electric cable with lamp.
? Manufacturing year Brand new 2013

Spare Part:
A: Spare Parts for flat lorry:
2.1 Engine assembly complete with all accessories
2.2 Oil filter element
2.3 Fuel filter element
2.4 Air filter element
2.5 Steering filter element
2.6 Starter motor
2.7 Alternator
2.8 Radiator hose upper
2.9 Radiator hose lower
2.10 Clutch Disc
2.11 Clutch coner
2.12 Clutch bearing with hub
2.13 Clutch master cyl.
2.14 Fuel injector.
2.15 Clutch relase cyl.
2.16 Heal lamp (RH & LH)
2.17 Break lining set rear wheel
2.18 Gasket cyl. Heal (Engine)
2.19 Main brake valve
2.20 Clutch assembly for radiator fan
2.21 Sender unit engine oil-pressure
2.22 Sender unit water temp.
2.23 Water pump assembly
2.24 Water pump kit (Recondition kit)
2.25 Steering pump
2.26 Air compressor assembly
2.27 Rotor kit steering pump
2.28 Beit set engine
2.29 A/C compressor
2.30 Diaphragm brake cylinl rear wheel
2.31 Diaphragm brake cylinl front wheel
2.32 Radiator Assembly

B: Spare Parts for compressor:
2.33 Air filter for compressor
2.34 Belt set for compressor
2.35 Water pump for compressor
2.36 Recondition kit for above water pump
2.37 Fuel filter for engine
2.38 Air filter for engine
2.39 Starter
2.40 Dynamo
2.41 Oil filter for engine
2.42 Power take off assembly
2.43 Safety valve for compressor
2.44 Compressor assembly without engine

Note 1:
The origin for items (2.1 – 2.32) Sweden and Germany, and items (2.33-2.44)
Usa, Canada, England and France.
Note 2:
- The technical offer must be include catalogue and plans for equipment.
- Delivery point: (cip basrah / via khor al-zubair port/ S.O.C warehouses

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Compressors, Air
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