Provision of Push-Pull Terminal Tug

Lifting & Handling Equipment
Reference 0500242
Date 2/18/2016
Location Africa
The company invites the companies for the provision of one (1) Push-Pull Terminal Tug for offshore operations. The commencement date is 1st July, 2016.

Scope of Work and Specifications of the Tug

(a) The scope of work consists of activities required and incidental on the service to be
provided by the Push-Pull Terminal Tug. This services shall involve the following activities and others within the specifications and capabilities of the Tug and her crew:
- Tanker passive and active escort, towing, pushing, pulling, mooring, etc...
- Transport and handling of deck cargo, fuel, water, with pumping capabilities.
- Assistance for safety stand-by
- Assist in fire fighting
- Search and safety rescue operation
- Assist in Pollution fighting
- Assist in Oil spill contingency
- Support Mooring and CALM buoy
- Floating hose flushing and repair - Maintenance of Surfer, Supply Vessel Mooring buoys and associated equipment.

(b) Brief description of required Tug:
- Anchoring/de-anchoring (assist in Rig Moves) of Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit contracted by company, in water depths as indicated in the contract
- Towing operations of Offshore Unit contracted by company
- Transportation and handling of Company's deck cargo (oilfield supplies), subject
to the relevant articles of the contract
- Transportation and handling of fuel, water, liquid muds, bulked mud products, etc
- Assistance for security stand-by and safety stand-by operations around company's offshore installations or Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit or
- Accommodation Barge contracted by Company
- Assistance for safety-rescue operations in the Operational Area with the equipment of the Tug provided in each contract
- Implementation of oil-spill contingency equipment provided by Company
- Fire fighting capabilities with the equipment of the Tug
- Assistance to support light air-guns for seismic operations (VSP) performed on Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit contracted by company
License by NNRA for transportation of radioactive material
- Tug to be used for static towing of export/offloading tanker at Calm Buoy or FSO or to be used for push pull operations as the case may be.

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Lifting & Handling Equipment
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