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Supply of Portable Welding Generator.
Reference SU/QT/782N/15
Date 2/29/2016
Location Africa
The company bids for the supply of portable welding generator.

The features of the welder are as follows:-

- DC Rated Voltage (Single Operation: 28(CC)/ 15- 28 (CV).
- DC Rated Current (Single Operation): 225A.
- 100% Duty Cycle @ 100% amps: 200A.
- Current Range in Amperes: 50 225A.
- Welding Process: SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, ACAC.
- Constant Current Constant Voltage: Standard.

The specifications of the AC output are as follows:-

- Maximum Output Power KW, Single Phase: 6.6KW.
- Voltage: 240 Vac.
- Amperes: 25 A.
- Voltage Regulation: 3 %.
- Frequency: 50 Hz.
- Receptacles: Standard.
- Main Circuit Breaker Rating: Specify.

The specifications of the engine are as follows:-

- Engine Make: Specify.
- Engine Model: Specify.
- Engine Type: Compression Ignition (CI).
- No. of cylinders (Minimum): Two (2).
- Engine Speed - RPM: 3600 RPM.
- Cooling System: Water Cooled.
- Engine Power (Optimum): 6.6KW @ 3600 RPM.
- Automatic Safety Shutdown: Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Thermal Switch DC, Low Battery Charger, etc: Specify.
- Air, Oil and Fuel Filter: Disposable, cartridge/wet type.
- Fuel: Diesel.
- Fuel Consumption Rate in litres/hour: Specify.
- Control Panel shall have the
following indications as a minimum: temperature, oil pressure, engine speed, battery voltage, output current/voltage: Specify.
- Remote Starting / Choke: Specify.
- Mounting Type: Roll Cage.
- Engine Starting System: Electric Start/ Idle Switch.
- Fuel Tank Capacity (Minimum): 20 litres.
- Operating Noise (at 7m) Rated
Load: = 80 dB.
- Heavy Duty and Robust Construction of Modern Design: Yes.

The specifications of the accessories & spares are as follows:-

- Supply with spares of 2No. air filter and 2No. fuel filter.
- Basic operators tool kit
supplied: yes.
- Parts and Service, available in
Kenya: Yes, Specify Dealer.
- Delivery Period: Specify.

Bidding Information

Offer Validity 120 days
Documents Price KSH 1,000.00
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