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Supply of Bench top Microscope
Reference SDG9873P16/07
Date 3/7/2016
Location Asia
Scope The company bids for the supply of a PC based compact Table Top Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (EDS) system for analysing Geological samples.

The Microscope has the following specification:-

- It should have pre-centred cartridge filament.

- Electromagnetic lens system for focussing electron beam.

- Accelerating voltage: 5KV to 15KV selectable through Software or Keyboard entry.

- Magnification range: 15x to 240,000x or higher (with digital zoom)

- User Programmable preset magnification.

- The specimen chamber must be able to hold Geological samples of different sizes. The capacity to accept the mounting of specimens up to 70mm across and 50 mm thick or more.

- Specimen traverse in X and Y direction must be 17.5 mm or more.

- The system should comprise of a Turbo-molecular pump of capacity of more or less 30l/s or better and a rotary or diaphragm pump.

- The Electron Microscope must be supplied with Back Scattered Electron detector and Secondary Electron detector.

- The system should consist of an Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (EDS) system equipped with the latest Silicon Drift detector. The detection element must be Boron (5) to Uranium (92) or Boron (5) to Americium (95). The energy resolution should be 157eV (Cu-Ka) (equivalent to 135eV with Mn-Ka). It should have multichannel analyser with 20kV channel (10 eV per channel). It should have a 2-stage thermo-electric (Peltier) cooling (without fan and LN2 free). The system shold consist of EDS Interface Kit for necessary interfacing with the Microscope.

- It should have Auto image adjustment function: Auto (start, focus, brightness).

- The frame memory should be of 640480 pixels or higher.

- It must be able to store images in TIF, BMP, JPEG and other formats.

- It should have ability to print images directly from user interface.

- The system should consist of a detector, analyser and appropriate software which should have the ability of report generation and printing. Necessary interfacing or integrating to the electron microscope must be provided.

- The electron microscope must operate on PC controlled electronics having following specification:
* PC with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or greater, 2GB RAM, 160 GB HD, Display resolution 1280800 pixels WXGA, DVD R/W, USB 2.0, PC Card Slot, Window 7 Professional Operating System. The user interaction should be through mouse and keyboard. High end colour Laser jet printer.
* The data display should have micro marker, micron value, date, time, image number comments.
* Bidder to specify the Installation requirements.
* All accessories required for the smooth running of the machine should be quoted.
* In addition the following accessories are also required.
* Cartridge Filament 7 boxes (10pcs)
Carbon Tapes 5 boxes
Aluminium Stubs 2nos. each of 3 different sizes. The system should be preferably equipped with multi stub holder.
*Suitable UPS with 30min backup.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond US$ 1,900.00
Bond Validity 364 days
Offer Validity 180 days
Documents Price US$ 100.00
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