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Supply of Static Gel Analyzer
Reference SDG0385P16/07
Date 3/7/2016
Location Asia
Scope The company bids for the supply, installation, commissioning, testing and training of Static Gel strength analyser. The Static Gel Strength Analyzer used in laboratory for measurement of Static gel strength of oil well cement slurries under certain specified conditions of pressure and temperature in accordance with relevant API specification 10B-6 standards. The cement slurry compressive strength and its static gel strength development are recorded as a function of time. The system should have modular design so that it can be easily repairable and upgradable in future.

* General Features
1. The system shall be self-sufficient and complete in all respects and ready for operation as per the specification
2. The system shall be brand new and of latest model
3. All the wetted and non-wetted parts of the equipment should be corrosion resistant as well as of rust proof material.
4. The system shall be designed for continuous duty application.
5. The system should be compact and rugged.
6. Power supply 230 + 10 volts, 50 + 1 Hz, single phase AC.

* Technical Features
Codes and Standard: (Applicable for procedure): The equipment shall be designed, constructed, tested and function as per API Spec 10B-6 standards.(Latest version will form the part of Specification).

* Technical Specification
Static Gel Strength Analyzer should have the following minimum specifications

* Working Principle of the equipment:
The instrument should work using both the Ultrasonic method and the Mechanical Method for determining Gel Strength.
i. An ultrasonic-type
ii. An intermittent rotation-type/Mechanical Type The system should have continuous and intermittent method for determining Gel Strength using the mechanical method.

* System Configuration
I. The system should have programmable temperature control data acquisition provision and direct static gel strength measurement. The unit shall display real time temperature, pressure, Static Gel Strength (lb./100 ft2) & time and also provide user convenient data presentation capabilities via graphs/plots that can be imported directly into programs such as Word Excel or Power Point or Access or pdf format. All stored data should be easily retrievable.
II. The equipment shall be capable to measure simultaneously both the slurry’s compressive strength development and its static gel strength development, while it is cured under downhole temperature & pressure conditions. The cement properties shall be inferred by measuring the change in the energy level of an ultrasonic signal transmitted through the cement specimen as it cures. The proprietary algorithms for SGS measurement shall be applicable to a wide range of cement slurry densities and compositions.

* System Configuration For an intermittent rotation-type:
The cement slurry being tested shall be maintained in a static condition in a pressure chamber at a controlled temperature and pressure. The SGS shall be calculated from the torque required to rotate the paddle of known geometry intermittently at very low speed. The apparatus shall operate intermittently at very low speed after an interval of time adjustable between 1 minute and 10 minute during SGS testing phase.

* Slurry Cup Details
a) Slurry Cup Capacity: Cylindrical cup of approximately 3" Inch ID, capacity 500 ml or As per Manufacturer’s design.
b) Slurry Cup Material: Slurry cup and all other parts exposed to the slurry be made of suitable temperature and corrosion resistant steel.

* Temperature System
a) The system should have microprocessor based programmable temperature controller with digital temperature indicator.
b) Operating Temperature (Maximum): 400deg F (204 degC)
c) Thermocouple: It should have ‘J’ type thermocouple to read directly the temperature of cement slurry.
d) Heating Device: Should have heating elements, providing 1500 W power and heater control by solid state relay.
e) Temperature accuracy ± 2ºC

* Pressure System
a) Pressure control device shall be complete with pressurization system and a heavy duty pressure gauge.
b) Operating Pressure (Maximum) 20,000 psi (137 MPa).
c) Pressure Accuracy ± 200 psi
d) Pressure Generation: It shall be through a high precision automatic pulse free syringe pump with constant pressure and flow modes. The pressure rating of the pump should be suitable as per the requirements of the SGSA system.

* Static Gel Strength Measurement:
a) The static gel strength of the cement slurry should be directly digitally read out/displayed on the equipment panel and also be recorded as Pa or lbs/100 ft² or equivalent unit.
b) Recording of static gel strength: The equipment shall have the capability to record the initial static gel strength and the elapsed time. It should also record the transit time (elapsed time) from the occurrence of static gel strength of 100 lbs/100 ft² to the occurrence of static gel strength of 500 lbs/100 ft².

* Heating/Cooling Jacket
It should have a solid heating / cooling jacket surrounding the slurry cup.

* Calibration and calibrating device:
System should have a calibration device to calibrate the equipment and the supplier shall calibrate and produce the test certificate during commissioning of the equipment

* Data Acquisition System and Control System
The system must be capable of displaying data in digital form and also recording test data simultaneously on the hard drive as the test progresses. All graphical data / log including static gel strength, consistency, pressure and temperature versus time should be printable & convertible in pdf format. All stored data should be easily retrievable.

* Computer and Printer

The minimum computer & printer requirement are:
a) Operating System: Windows OS (latest version)
b) Processer: Intel i7 processor or above
c) Memory: 4GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk
d) No’s of Port in CPU: 4 USB port with LIMS connection facilities
e) System type: 32 bit operating system
f) Graphics: 1200X800 resolution or higher
g) Monitor: LCD/LED 22 inch color monitor
h) Printer: Color printer
i) Mouse: Optical mous

Bidding Information

Bid Bond US$ 2,330.00
Bond Validity 364 days
Offer Validity 180 days
Documents Price US$ 100.00
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