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Suppy of Fully Automated 5 Part Cell Counter
Reference SDI1297P17
Date 5/31/2016
Location Asia
Scope The company invites bidders for the supply of Fully Automated 5 Part Cell Counter with the Technical Specifications as follows:-

1. Parameters (26) :WBC, RBC, PLT, HB, HCT, MCV, MCHC, MCH, MPV, RDW, % and # of LYM, MON, NEU, EOS, BAS, *ATL (# and %), *IMM (# and %), *PCT and *PDW.
2. Must provide WBC differential analysis in two channels using multiple technologies of impedance volume, and absorbance cytochemistry and resistivity volume to maximize resolution, specificity and efficiency.
3. Must use a Dual Focused Flow Cell to analyze WBCs for differential count.
4. RBC, WBC, and PLT counts must be based on duplicate counting.
5. Sequential Micro sampling into a pre-heated chamber at 35oC for highly reproducible results.
6. Must report WBC/Baso Histogram, RBC Histogram, Plt Histogram and diffplot for differential count.
7. Must have clear separation of diff population by plotting volume on Y axis and absorbance on X axis.
8. Must have FDA approved Platelet Concentrate Mode that automatically detects Platelet Concentrate based on Hgb(15 x 103/uL) values.
9. Microsampling from whole blood: CBC: 30 l - DIFF: 53 l in both modes.
10. Must have an optimal throughput of 80 samples per hour.
11. Manufacturer must provide Quality Assurance Program for peer group evaluation of daily QC values.
12. Analyzer should have daily Quality control data down load facility for IQAP.
13. Instrument function must be controlled by a PC-based Data Management System. Operatorto- instrument interface must be via the external PC for Comfort angle adjustment of monitor and easy user interface.
14. Must have disk based calibration assay.
15. Calibrator must be available in tube that can be processed in the cap pierce and auto (cassette) mode.
16. Must have 360 rotation of tubes that are being automatically processed.
17. Must mix tubes twice before aspiration.
18. Must have auto-repeat functionality with customer-selected criteria for repeat testing.
19. Must have the two bar code readers for sample identification, one for tubes that are being processed by the autoloader and one for STAT/micro processed tubes.
20. The instrument must require ZERO ROUTINE DAILY MAINTENANCE that includes utilization of the following features: - Automatic Start-up and Shut-down cycles - No peristaltic tubing - Cleaning agent which eliminates the need for routine bleaching - Complete needle and aspirator rinsing between samples - No need for routine part removal and cleaning Automatic rinsing/cleaning of aspiration needle between samples.
21. Must provide 2 different tube holders standard to accommodate different sample tube types and sizes in closed mode.
22. Must have STAT capability on cap-piercing mode including optional bar-code identification.
23. Instrument must have user-defined criteria for auto-stop based on both control and patient results.
24. Must provide sensing alerts for low reagents, and must be able to display real-time reagent volumes.
25. Cap-piercing needle should be a single assembly that both pierces and vents while minimizing trauma to the rubber cap.
26. Must allow reporting of the above parameters in at least 5 Formats: 1 U.S. Format Units; and 4 International (S.I.) Units.
27. Must be capable of processing 10 cassettes at a time with 10 tubes each, so total 100 tubes.
28. Must provide auto printing of patient, control, calibration and reproducibility data.
29. Must have the ability to assign sample and patient identification.
30. Must have the following features to aid in troubleshooting: - On-line Calibration log - Online Quality Control log - On-line Reagent log - On-line Maintenance log - On-line Patient/Worklist log - On-line Setup log - On-line Host log - On-line Alarms and Errors log - On-line Startup log - On-line Help - On-line Instructions for Operation - Off-line Help with video displays.
31. Manufacturer must provide on-site training and support upon installation. 32. Manufacturer must provide independent customer support survey rankings (i.e. IMS Service Trak).
33. Data Management System must be able to provide at least 10,000 sample results storage including all displays plus all Sample Analysis screen displays.
34. Must have 24 control files, each file with a 100 data line capacity.
35. Must provide XB/XM analysis by storage of patient results for analyzer.
36. Must report Hemoglobin / Hematocrit Ratio Flag: If the (Hgb in g/dL x 3) / Hct in % is < 0.8 or > 1.2

Bidding Information

Bid Bond Rs 40,000.00
Bond Validity 180 days
Offer Validity 90 days
Documents Price Rs 1,000.00
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