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Supply of Tall High Mast Lighting System
Reference SDI1438P17
Date 6/13/2016
Location Asia
Scope The company invites bids for the Supply, erection, testing & commissioning of 06 NOS 30 Meters tall High mast Lighting system with 12nos. of 2x400 watt SON fittings with Non integral control gear box. The specifications contain the following:-

* Mast: -

- The high mast shall be continuously tapered, polygonal cross section and 30 meters high above base plate. The mast shall be fabricated from steel plate welded construction in suitable number of sections (not less than 3), telescopically jointed giving a continuous tapered profile and presenting good visual appearances.

- Mast sections material shall conform to IS 2062.

- The mast sections are hot dipped galvanized both inside and outside conforming to IS: 4759-1984, IS: 2629-1985, IS: 2633-1072.Galvanisation thickness shall be of minimum 80 micron.

- Mast structure shall be designed to withstand wind velocity of 180km/hr. with 3 sec. gust conforming IS: 875 part VIII - 1987 and should have wind load factor 1.25 and material factor 1.15.

- The base flange shall be provided with gusset and high tensile anchor bolts.

- The bottom most section shall accommodate winch electric drive, cable, plug/socket etc. with a proper door opening in order to permit clear access to the above components. The door shall be dust proof; vermin proof and weather protected (IP 55) and shall be provided with suitable locking arrangement.

- Mast shall be provided with lightning protection.

- Provisions for suitable Earthing shall be provided.

- The mast shaft shall be made with best steel in compliance with BS EN 10025 FE 510 having the guaranteed characteristics.
a. Minimum yield strength = 335 N/Sq. mm for thickness< 30mm.
b. Tensile strength ranging from 340 to 470 N/sq. mm.
c. Minimum elongation for thickness between 3 mm and 30 mm.
d. All holding bolts are hot dip galvanized to BS 729.

* Lantern Carriage:-

- The lantern carriage shall be of steel tubular ring type construction designed to accommodate 12 Nos. of HPSV flood light luminaries with necessary C.G. Box in and radically symmetrical fashion.

- The complete lantern carriage assembly shall be hot dip galvanized after fabrication.

- The carriage shall have proper arrangement to avoid swing and to prevent damage to mast surface or other installed parts during lowering/raising operation of carriage.

- All hardware used shall have necessary corrosion protection.

- Lantern Carriage/Accessories shall be made with best steel in compliance with BS EN 10025 FE 430 A having the following guaranteed characteristics.
a. Minimum yield strength 225 to 250 N/Sq. mm for thickness< 30mm
b. Tensile strength ranging from 340 to 470 N/Sq. mm.
c. Minimum elongation 23 to 26%.

- Galvanization as per IS 4759, minimum thickness of galvanization 80 micron.

* Winch Assembly:-

- Winch assembly, meant for hoisting of lantern carriage shall be fixed in the base of the mast and shall have provision to operate both manually and electrically. The double drum winch should be suitably designed to handle the total weight of lantern carriage assembly with all fittings and accessories with required factor of safety.

- The winch shall be of self sustaining and self lubricating type with positive locking arrangement. The rope drum is fabricated as per IS-807 and the wire rope is wound/unwound on double drum winch during movement of lantern carriage.

- Particular care shall be exercised in all aspects of design, manufacture, and testing and installation arrangement of the system to ensure optimum safety under all operating condition to give a minimum 25 years of operating life.

- Test certificates shall be provided with each winch stating clearly the capacity, speed and recommended lubricant.

- The material of construction for top pulley block shall be non corrosive and preferably made of die cast LM-6 aluminum /brass alloy with self lubricating bearing.

- The design shall ensure that the operation of pulley is maintenance free Pulley should be provided with weather proof cover.

* Wire Rope:-

- The wire ropes are flexible marine grade and non corrosive stainless steel.

- A minimum 8 turn of wire ropes shall be on the drum when the lantern carriage is fully lowered.

- The stainless steel wire is of minimum 6mm diameter, 7x19 constructions which shall have a factor of safety not less than 5 times the safe working load (SFL) of winch.

* Winch Driving Power Tool:-

- The winch drive unit shall be squirrel cage reversible induction motor with following characteristic:
4l5V, 3 phase, 50 HZ
Class F insulation and temperature class limited to class B Weather resistant
IP 55 Protections, Make- Crompton Greaves/ Kirloskar Ltd/ Siemens/ Bharat Bijlee

- The capacity of the electric motor used in power tool shall be compatible to handle the design load of lantern carriage (Min 2.0 HP).

- The power tool shall be housed at the base of the mast.

- For safety reasons and final precision docking of lantern carriage ring, the power tool must have provision to operate manually by using external crank device without removing the drive motor from the winch unit.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond Rs 88,200.00
Bond Validity 180 days
Offer Validity 90 days
Documents Price Rs 1,000.00
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