Bids for Truck Mounted Hydraulic Crane

Reference SGI1614P17
Date 6/30/2016
Location Asia
The company invites bids for the supply of Brand New indigenously available Stiff telescopic Boom Truck mounted Hydraulic full slewing crane with hydraulically operated winch. The crane should be mounted on suitable brand New truck chassis of indigenous make. The specifications, terms & conditions are detailed below

a) Make & Origin : Indigenously available unit.

b) Capacity: 12 TM (12,000 KgM)- 13 TM (13,000 KgM)

c) Maximum Outreach (horizontal): Not less than 6 (Six) meter

d) Lifting capacity at 6 m outreach: Not less than 1800 Kg

e) Lifting capacity at 4 m outreach: Not less than 3000 Kg

f) Maximum Vertical Outreach: Not less than 7 (seven) meter

g) Mounting on truck chassis: Front mounting.

h) Stabilisers: 4 (four) Nos. (two front & two rear); Hydraulically operated (jack function for all stabilisers – front as well as rear through hydraulic operation). Stabiliser beam function Manual/ Hydraulic. Rigger Feet (Floats) permanently attached to the jacks. Size of rigger feet shall be such that it does not create problem to traffic during travelling. Stabiliser’s lateral span max (jack centre to jack centre for both front & rear) in the range of 4500 to 5500 mm. Fixed (non-pivoting) type stabiliser jacks.

i. Boom Extension: Composite multi-section telescopic Full Power Boom operating through independent hydraulic actuator/s for each section for minimum 6.0 meter outreach. FLY-JIB & Dipper Boom Not Required.

j. Slew: Min 360 degree full capacity slew. Gear & Pinion/Rack and pinion arrangement.

k. Hydraulic system & controls: Independent as well as simultaneous operations of min. 2 (two) operations. Independently operated beam & jack operations for all stabilizers for perfect levelling. All operations in failsafe mode with positive hydraulic locking provisions in all actuators, as applicable. However, stabiliser horizontal beams may be an exception. Stabiliser vertical jacks with Double Check Valve provision.

Composite dual positioned hydraulic control console for operation of all hydraulic functions (including beam & jack functions of rear stabiliser) located at either side of truck chassis & operating from ground. Control through lever arrangement without any Remote Control system.

l. Winch: Hydraulic motor driven winch with automatic brake. Vertical lift by winch shall be minimum 7000mm on double (2) fall or quadruple (4) fall as per design. The winch capacity shall be sufficient to lift the Maximum specified load with 2 fall line or 4 fall line as per crane design. For 2 fall line design the winch capacity shall be minimum 1700 Kg / For 4 fall lines design the winch capacity shall be minimum 850 Kg Wire rope shall have factor of safety not less than 4.

m. Dimensions: Overall collapsible width including base & stabilisers within 2500 mm. Height from base (ie top of chassis) to top of boom (with boom in horizontal position) shall be within 3000 mm.

n. Miscellaneous-
i. 3 (three) point column to base mounting.
ii. Hook on pulley block shall have safety latch.
iii. Locking provision for horizontal beam of stabilisers in fully retracted position.
iv. Internal hose layout to the extent possible.
v. Suitably located hydraulic tank with Sight Glass/Level Indicator and Temperature Meter.
vi. Suitably positioned control console without any obstruction from stabilisers’ extension.
vii. Suitable & sufficient reflectors/florescent marker on boom.
viii. Standard tool kit for maintenance & repair of the loader. (List of tools that shall be supplied shall be submitted with the bid.)

Bidding Information

Bid Bond Rs 152,000.00
Bond Validity 180 days
Offer Validity 90 days
Documents Price Rs 1,000.00
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