Laying Construction of 6 & 4 NB U/G Steel P/L

Oil and Gas Pipeline
Reference 05/51/23QH/GAILGAS/001-i-A/6000000782
Date 8/5/2016
Location Asia
The company invites bids for the laying & construction of 6” & 4” NB U/G Steel P/L (along with rail/road crossings) & associated works for CNG & city gas distribution for Meerut geographical area. Free Issue Materials shall be issued to the Contractor from the designated store(s) of Owner. Contractor shall be responsible for lifting the free issue materials from Owner’s storage point(s) and transporting the same to work site(s) at his own cost.

The Contractor shall start the execution work for entire length of mainline simultaneously and shall deploy adequate manpower, machinery, tool & tackles etc. accordingly. However, Owner may, at its sole option, assign priority of construction of any section of total pipeline length or to any part/ segment of the work. Contractor shall comply with such priority of execution and their deployment without any time and cost implication to the Owner.

The specification covers the general requirements for Inspection, flushing and testing of piping systems. However testing of steam lines falling under IBR shall also be governed by Indian Boiler Regulations. Flushing and testing of all piping system shall be witnessed by the Consultant Representative / Engineer-in- Charge.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond Rs 90,940.00
Bond Validity 150 days
Offer Validity 90 days
Oil and Gas Pipeline
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