Pipeline Repair and Construction Works

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Reference RFP-232282
Date 8/11/2016
Location Middle East
The company invites bids for Pipeline Repair, Replacement, Modification and Construction Works in West Kuwait Area.

The Works for pipeline repair and replacement in Company’s West Kuwait areas comprises site survey, engineering design, preparation of Drawings, specifications, bill of materials, cost estimates, planning, monitoring, procurement of required materials, expediting, delivery of materials at Site, storage of materials, fabrication, installation, construction, inspection, testing, cleaning, pigging, draining, isolation, drying, purging, pre-commissioning, commissioning disposal of wastes and along with associated civil, mechanical, electrical, cathodic protection, corrosion monitoring Works including provision of manpower, supervision, tools, tackles, equipment, construction resources, utilities, transport, quality control, testing equipment and consumables, and any other related works which could be reasonably deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the Company’s pipelines all as more particularly described in the Contract and summarized below:-

- Repairing of any existing underground or above ground carbon steel or RTRP or GRP pipelines by various repair methods along with all associated works.

- Replacement of any existing underground or above ground defective/corroded sections of carbon steel or RTRP or GRP pipeline along with all associated works.

- Modification, rehabilitation, extension, partial replacement, protection, etc. work of any existing pipeline along with all associated works.

- New construction or full replacement of existing pipeline by carbon steel or RTRP or GRP pipeline up to 56” size along with all associated works.

- Removal of underground or above ground abandoned/corroded/defective pipeline or its section of any length along with associated equipment, valves, fittings, valve pits, anchor blocks, structure, supports from the Site and disposal at Company’s approved locations.

- Internal and external coating of new or existing pipelines, pipe sections, pre- fabricated pipe spools, valves, equipment by different coating materials and various application methods either in Applicator’s shop or in the field (in-situ) along with all associated works.

- Civil and structural works of site survey, soil investigation, manual excavation, preparing Right of Way, shoring, dewatering, construction of reinforced cement concrete pits, anchor blocks, culverts, counter weights, fabrication and installation of structural steel platforms, cross over, access ladder, valve pit covers, pipe supports, structures, etc, carrying out road crossing works by open cut or thrust boring method, construction of drip barrel pits, temporary evaporation pits, oil/ sludge collection pits, earth burning pit, fabrication and installation of fence, pipeline route markers, crash barriers, back filling works, demolition of existing concrete or brick structures, etc. all as described in the contract.

- Mechanical works like hot tapings on live pipeline, positive isolation/de isolation of pipelines and preparing it for hot works, decommissioning of pipeline including draining by pigging/ line to line pumping/ vacuum tanker, purging, gas freeing, drying with all associated activities and re-commissioning of pipeline, moth balling of pipelines, removal of any appurtenance/equipment/accessories connected or mounted on the pipeline like isolations valves, control valves, safety valves, pressure vessels, instruments, pig signalers, blinds or and reinstallation of the same. Rehabilitation/ modification/ replacement of appurtenance/ equipment like pig launcher, receiver, drip barrel, drain vessel, etc and connected pipe works, hydro testing of any existing pipeline, lifting of fallen pipelines and reinstating them on supports.

- Electrical, cathodic protection, corrosion monitoring and instrumentation works required for the existing pipeline or new pipeline.

- All the Works shall be performed as per applicable International Codes, Standards, Recommended Practices, Company Standards, Engineering Group Specifications, Technical Specifications, Company approved procedures in order to maintain integrity of the pipelines and keep them fit for the purpose and make available for Company’s production operations.

- The Contractor shall perform the Works as and when required by the Company and directed by the Superintendent through the formal Works Order. The Company’s requirement for Works shall be dictated by its operational/ inspection/maintenance requirements and the Company does not guarantee that continuous and uniform work load shall exist through out the Contract Period.

- The Contractor shall be paid for actual quantities of the Works executed in accordance with the unit rates. The requirement of Works depends on the inspection findings and Company’s operational and maintenance requirements. The Company does not guarantee that all the estimated quantities will be executed during the Contract Period. The Contractor shall quote his unit rates considering this matter.

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Bond Validity 90 days
Oil and Gas Pipeline
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