FEED for Dukhan Production Facilities Upgrade Phase 1A

Reference GT17102300
Date 4/4/2017
Location Middle East
The company invites all prospective suppliers and contractors for FEED for Dukhan Production Facilities Upgrade Phase 1A.

The following section describes the proposed facilities / modifications to upgrade the Dukhan Production Facilities

1.5.1 Degassing Stations Three Phase Separator
The proposal is to upgrade the internals of the following existing Three Phase Production Separators at the three DGS of Fahahil Sector to improve separation efficiency. ",,FMDS 14-V-4001 ",,FMDS 14-V-4002 ",,FNDS 12-V-4001 ",,FSDS 13-V-4001 Associated Gas Compressor
The revised gas production rates derived from Production Profile is far outside the existing Compressor operating envelopes at KN, KM, FM and JDS. It is proposed by OEM to re-rotor the existing Associated Gas Compressors (3 Nos.) at the KN, KM and FM. List of Associated Gas Compressors with proposed upgrade is provided below: ",,KMDS 24-K-5201 ",,KMDS 22-K-4110 ",,FMDS 14-K-5201
In case of JDS the option of re-rotoring existing Associated Gas Compressor 31-K-5009 was not found feasible. Hence a new Compressor with same foot print dimension as the existing one is proposed by OEM. Produced Water Treatment System - Primary Treatment It is proposed to use the Hydrocyclones as a primary produced water treatment technology followed by a new secondary treatment facility to achieve the desired PW specification requirement. At KM, FM, FN, FS and JDS existing Hydrocyclone will be replaced with new Hydrocyclones having more efficient liners. New Hydrocyclones are also proposed to be installed in KN and KS, where presently there are no Hydrocyclones. Produced Water Treatment System - Secondary Treatment A Secondary treatment facility is proposed in addition to the primary treatment to meet the new PW specification at all seven (7) Degassing Stations (DGS). It is envisaged that Secondary Produced Water Treatment facility will consist of Induced Gas Floatation, feed pumps, walnut shell filter, centrifuge system and Nitrogen generation. The Stream Analysis report from Project no.3928 (currently under EPIC) shall be referred to and further optimization of the envisaged Secondary Treatment facility to be carried out. The optimized design of the secondary treatment facility shall be presented to QP for approval. Produced Water Transfer Pumps The existing capacity of the Produced Water Transfer pumps needs to be augmented to meet the peak demand in future. The following modifications are proposed: ",,FM - Add one new (1) no. transfer pump with similar capacity and differential head. ",,FN - Replace existing two (2) nos. of pumps with two (2) nos.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond QR 300,000.00
Bond Validity 150 days
Offer Validity 120 days
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