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Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Gas Lift Valve Test Lab
Laboratory Services
Reference SDG9299P19/09
Date 12/6/2018
Location Asia
Scope The company announces its need for supply, Installation & Commissioning of Gas Lift Valve Test Lab.
Gas Lift Valve Test Lab (Static & Dynamic) for setting and testing gas lift valves manufactured as per API 11V1 having the following technical specifications: -

- Item 001 Qty=01
i. Gas Lift Valve Test rack (Sleeve Tester) for safe and quick setting/calibration/testing of 25.4 mm (1") O.D. and 38.1 mm (1.1/2") O.D. GLV complete with isolating valves, sockets, piping, manifold, O – Rings, equipped with two (02) numbers of ½"ball valves for quick open/shut to isolate test sleeves, two (02) numbers of ¼"ball valves for N2 gas inlet and bleed off equipped with test valves and high pressure hose along with 1"and 1.1/2"GLV manifold equipped with high pressure hose to connect to below listed gauge (Item No. ii) .

ii. Pressure Gauge: Liquid filled high precision dial type pressure gauge having Dial Diameter of 254.00 mm ( 10") and having pressure range of 0 – 105 kg/cm2 (0 – 1500 PSI) with 0.35 Kg/cm2 (5 PSI) gradations for above sleeve tester for wall mount/installed with Test Bench/ Lab.

iii. Pressure Chamber (Valve Ager): Pressure Chamber (Valve Ager) capable to operating at least at 350 Kg/cm2 (5000 PSI) pressure for 25.4 mm (1") and 38.1 mm (1.1/2") gas lift valves, complete with flame proof high pressure pump, pressure gauge and fittings along with assorted tools as per API specification 11V1. Valve ager shall be coated internally and externally with WC 200 coating, ½" NPT inlet port on bottom, and ½" NPT outlet port on top, dressed with 5000 PSI minimum rated ball valves for quick open/shut, 5000 PSI minimum rated flexible hose to connect to high pressure pump and fittings.

iv. Water Bath: Water bath vessel for controlling the temperature of the water bath at 15.5 Deg. C (60 Deg. F) as per API specification 11V1 complete with temperature gauge, chest type deep freezer modified with thermostat to regulate temperature and stainless steel pan manufactured to sit inside the chest freezer and to hold water and place the valves inside for cooling to 15.5 Deg. C (60 Deg. F).

v. Gas lift valve probe: For measuring low gas flow rate at the downstream side of gas lift valve at specified temperature or ambient temperature. Gas lift valve probe test fixture for testing 25.4 mm (1" ) and 38.1 mm (1.1/2") gas lift valves complete with isolating valves, pressure gauge, micrometer, digital multimeter and probe along with assorted tools to be used in conjunction with item No. (i).

vi. Valve Leakage Test Rack: Valve Leakage Test Rack for measuring low gas flow rates on the downstream side of the gas lift valves [ 25.4 mm (1") & 38.1 mm (1.1/2") sizes ] complete with necessary hose & fittings, gas flowmeter/manometer as per API specification 11V1.

vii. Fluid filled Pressure Gauge of 254.00 mm (10") dial size.

viii. Tools & Tackles to be supplied as per the list given below: -
a. Pressure Charging Fixtures for 25.4 mm (1") & 38.1 mm (1.1/2") valves : 4Nos.
b. Valve Core Depressing Tool : 2 Nos.
c. Strap Wrench for 25.4 mm (1") valve : 2 Nos.
d. Strap Wrench for 38.1 mm (1.1/2") valve : 2 Nos.
e. Valve Core Wrench : 2 Nos.
f. Snap Ring Pliers : 2 Nos.
g. Seat Remover Rod : 2 Nos.
h. Seat Installer : 2 Nos.
i. Check Valve Tester : 2 Nos.
j. O – Ring Picks : 4 Nos.
k. Nose Pliers : 4 Nos.
l. Tail Plug Spanner (Wrench) : 2 Nos.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond INR 1,22,500.00
Offer Validity 120 days
Laboratory Services
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