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Procurement of San Storage
Data Storage Systems
Reference SDI9617P19
Date 11/1/2018
Location Asia
Scope The company announces its need for Procurement of San Storage (Qty– 01 No.).

- Item 001 of San Storage for Document Management System (Qty = 01 No.).

A. General Requirements:
1. Make and Model: Must be quoted.
2. Form Factor:19-inch Horizontal rack mountable.
3. Fans and power supplies: Dual redundant.

B. Array Architecture:
1. The array must be equipped with dual controllers each with 24GB Cache.
2. The storage system must be supplied with minimum 8 nos. 16 Gbps FC Host Ports.
3. The storage system must be supplied minimum 4 nos. SAS backend ports.
4. The SAN storage must support synchronous, asynchronous replication.
5. Storage array shall be configured in No-Single-Point-of-Failure configuration with redundant components.

C. Storage Capacity:
1. Capacity - Usable 60TB (Min) in RAID 5 should be populated from day 1.
2. Hot Swappable SAS 10K RPM(Min) Disk Drive.

D. Storage Expandability:
1. The storage array must support expandability up to another 60TB(usable)in RAID 5.

E. OS Support:
1. Windows Server 2008,2012 or latest.
2. Linux® 2.6 and above.
3. VMware.
4. Hyper-V.

F. Global Hot Sparing:
1. System must have capability to designate multiple global hot spares that can automatically be used to replace a failed drive anywhere in the system.

G. RAID level support:
1. Must support RAID levels: 0, 10, 5 and 6 (Dual Parity Protection).

H. Array Management:
1. Entire system must be manageable from a secure web-based interface without requirements for a separate management device or server.
2. Management system must include comprehensive online and remote monitoring abilities without third party hardware or software

- Item 002 of San Switch (Qty = 01 Nos.)
A. General Requirements:
1. Make and Model: Must be quoted.
2. Form factor : 19 inch Rack-mountable.

B. Ports:
1. Minimum 12 nos. of 16 Gbps FC Ports active per switch.
2. Type of Ports: Suitable ports of required type must be present on the switches so that servers, SAN storage etc. can be inter-connected with no single point of failure to meet the requirements of the solution.

C. Fabric Bandwidth:
1. Aggregate bandwidth: Minimum 192 Gbit/sec end to end.

D. Management:
1.HTTP, SNMP v1/v3.
2.Out-of-band 10/100/1000 Ethernet port.
3.CLI and web based GUI.

E. Power Supply:
1.Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies.
2.Single Phase 230 V AC 50 Hz.
3.India Standard Power Pin.

F. Diagnostic Features:
1.Port-level statistics.
2.Fibre Channel ping.
3.FC traceroute.

G. Fabric Services:
1.Name server.

H. Others:
1. All required modules, SFPs, connectors, Fibre patch cables etc. for the entire configuration of the SAN switch must be supplied with the solution from day one.

- Item 003 of Installation & Commissioning (Qty=01 Au)
A. Delivery, Installation & Commissioning Terms:
1. Delivery of all the items should be completed within 60 days of receipt of confirmed order.
2. Installation and commissioning of all the items should be completed within 30 days after the receipt of site clearance/ready certificate/email from OIL.
3. All items under Scope of Work for Bidder must be completed as per the terms and conditions given and should be acceptable to OIL.
4. All accessories including tools/licenses/connectors/cables, etc required for installation of the equipments have to be supplied by the vendor. Any item (hardware/software) or activity not specifically mentioned in this document, but required to complete the installation, will be the sole responsibility of the successful bidder with no extra cost to OIL.
5. Necessary cables/connectors have to be supplied by the vendor along with the equipments to connect minimum two nos. of physical servers.
6. Date of commissioning will be certified in writing by OIL after satisfactory testing by OIL engineer.
7. Complete documentation pertaining to h/w configurations and software activities performed in proper sequence, has to be provided to OIL immediately after the installation & commissioning of all the items. There should be a complete knowledge transfer to the OIL's Team. Without knowledge transfer and documentation, the installation and commissioning will not be considered as complete.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond INR 145,500.00
Data Storage Systems
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